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Bio ill meet you at the place near the thing where we went that time. formerly @dallasnews, @texastribune. currently social work in the 49th state. she/her
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iPhone : tho the narrative is often that black writers are somehow non-objective opinion activists for including race in political conversation, deeply reported projects like 1619 are reminders that it's the inverse -- to ignore race-- that is the non-journalistic, activist position

iPhone : (Goes almost without saying that anyone who agreed to participate in Halperin’s project is also making a political value statement.)

iPhone : Choosing what context to include, or ignore, in any situation, is an inherently political decision! The gulf between generalizations of bad behavior and specific descriptions of abuse is vast, and it’s where we’re all getting swallowed up.

iPhone : Politico’s decision not to describe the *content of* the actual allegations against Halperin - making at least one woman watch him masturbate, threatening to ruin another’s career - is a political choice, and a statement on what they consider unimportant.…

iPhone : “Halperin masturbated in front of an ABC News employee in his office and that he violently threw another women against a restaurant window before attempting to kiss her, and that after she rebuffed him he called her and told her she would never work in politics or media.”…

iPhone : dan solomon Apparently this, and this alone, is in that sweet spot between “so dumb it’s not worth tweeting about” and “so upsetting I can’t even talk about it.” Underpopulated northern land solidarity!!!!!!!

iPhone : Nikolaj Coster-Waldau did not make Gennem Grønland, a Danish documentary miniseries that I watched despite the lack of English subtitles because I love him, just for you all to make jokes about it!!!!!!!

iPhone : A man found a *loaded AR-15* abandoned on the ground, just blocks from a popular mall, in Anchorage today.…

Twitter Web Client : This is a story about heartache out of El Paso after it was terrorized by a racist. But it's also a personal one.

The shooter targeted people with brown skin like mine and like that of the people I love the most in this world.…

iPhone : Between the Farmers Insurance jingle and the opening line of Roxanne, I am well on my way to having a go-to song ready for every metrical foot!!!!

iPhone : Today I learned that you can sing the phrase “monks with smartphones” to the Farmers Insurance jingle (“we are farmers! bum ba-dum bum bum bum bum”). This improved my day immeasurably