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Twitter Web App : The 60K assumes serious social distancing to August; note Fauci says "in summer" (not early or mid summer); and that states not on board get on board. 60K too much. And it is completely contingent on a lot going right. I hope to God they are right, thanks to social distancing.

Twitter Web App : Yesterday I spoke with Margery Eagan and Jim Braude on WGBH about Trump's recent firing of Inspector General Michael Atkinson: Trump Is 'Positioning For Losing’.

My kids may not want to listen to me on the radio, but you can. Full episode here --> bit.ly/2VgvqVx

Twitter Web App : Many Americans have absorbed the good news -- social distancing works to flatten the curve -- and don't appreciate the bad news, that the moment we relax business shutdowns, the curve springs back. We may see wave after wave until we get either vaccination or herd immunity. twitter.com/andrewrsorkin/…

Twitter Web App : Some models of #coronavirus deaths are very hopeful. They also rely on basic assumption:
"It assumes those measures -- such as closing schools and businesses -- will continue through the modeled period, which is until August."

iPhone : Great thread. "Adaptive recovery" will not mean getting back to normal or even getting to a "new normal" yet. It means continuing to adapt as the future comes in the "now normal."

All leaders (including church leaders, like me) need to be preparing their people for this. twitter.com/juliettekayyem…

iPhone : Yet another example of how a lack of national strategy is impairing the #COVID19 response. Amy Maxmen reports in Nature that academic laboratories that are ready and able to run diagnostics are not operating at full capacity. nature.com/articles/d4158…

iPhone : And finally, more personally, from Jonathan L. Walton Jonathan Walton, getting our footing for all this is to live in the “now normal” rather than an elusive search for “new normal.” We find our normal now because tomorrow may be different. Now. Virus sets the rest of the schedule 7/7

iPhone : This is update to previous chart circulated a few weeks back. It held up ok but my thinking has changed. The only true recovery is vaccine. The idea of it being normal anytime soon is fiction from WH.
Hope this helps. Thanks Bloomberg Cities 6/

iPhone : To say we have only a small sense of what this will feel like is understatement. A CEO has to set a standard for a office closing should an employee test positive; a mayor for a school; etc. As citizens, we will need to adapt on daily basis. It is a different kind of recovery. 5/