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iPhone : Spitfire AB910 from the rear turret of the Lanc as we go into Eastbourne Airshow . Thanks to our engineer Crusty for the video Seb Davey Neil Farrell Paul “Ernie” Wise OC BBMF Mark Sugden Mat Moore Andy Welham-Jones Marcus Burton BBMF Nav RAF BBMF Ops Assistant

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Twitter Web App : Great to see parents getting involved in our Halloween costume party! 🎃🕸🔮#Makinglinks #ParentPartnership

iPhone : I’ve just found a replacement drummer for our band, Late To The Party. If you’re wondering who the drummer in the band is, it’s me. He also looks smarter than I ever do. Off to burn my sticks... #rudiments #greatchops…

iPhone : This is me yesterday. 🤣

Even better when I say “UPS Two Lima Uniform” instead of “Cessna 2LU”

If I can make just 1 controller chuckle on a flight, my day is complete. 😀…

Twitter for iPad : British Airways will be hosting 4 events a year for students aged 13-17 to explore further how to become a pilot. Get Your Flying Future Workshop Tickets, Tue 10 Sep 2019 at 17:30 | Eventbrite…

Android : Community Spirit Award: For those who have worked to improve their local community or communities across Wales on an ongoing basis. Who will you nominate? #NationalAwardsOfWales

Hootsuite Inc. : #737MAX has highlighted the risks of increasing automation in the cockpit. But as AI and autonomy increases - what are the legal questions? #avgeek

iPhone : Writing my PhD thesis intro chapter and realising that I started this last Nov. I’m now on v4 and every time I read it I am changing and adding to it. It really is the best advice to just write, edit, repeat. thanks to Hugh Kearns #phdchat #phdlife #AcademicChatter

iPhone : The Royal Spectator Isn’t it? I can waste hours (and so much money) in there! 😂. I would absolutely LOVE to stay tonight RS, but I need to be in London for 7.30am tomorrow and I can’t risk not being there on time. Once again I leave my heart in 🇳🇱 💔

iPhone : Today marks 30 years since 51 people tragically lost their lives on the River Thames after the Marchioness, the boat they were on, sank after a collision. Following the recommendations of the inquiry into the disaster, our rescue service began on the Thames in January 2002.

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iPhone : Tomorrow is a Showcase Day at IWM Duxford where you’ll be able to see various resident aircraft displaying at no extra cost to the regular entrance price! Hope to see some of you there 😊…

Android : I also had the pleasure of being on the Ferrers Awards judging panel. A long but very fulfilling day. Volunteering in policing feels to be in a really positive place currently. The good, robust but professional challenges between panel members was great…

Twitter for iPad : Richard Bacon - Dont people have the right to know what medicines we will be short of in the event of a #NoDeal?

James Cleverly - Youre asking me to go into a whole lot of detail & Im not going to do that. In other words... Im not telling you. 😠

#GMB #r4today #PeoplesVote

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Android : SKYE JETHANI This does match my experience. Younger Christians tend to be less enthusiastic about Trump, even if they dont outright despise him. What I dont see consistently is a connection between church involvement and political views specifically on our President among young people.

Twitter for iPad : Alex Redundancy. If you lose your only transponder then you’d need to leave RVSM and controlled airspace, which would be a really silly reason to divert & delay your flight! With two, the aircraft can dispatch with just one or continue if one should fault in flight.

Android : Ah, de Havilland... Appropriately a DH89 Dragon Rapide flypast marks JMR Mike Ramsdens funeral today #RIP

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TweetDeck : Scott Bateman Did they bother to share the part where you dont really get to sleep in the room with the sim? It came up a couple weeks/months ago and it was clear that they block the sim off if they need the room for a guest to sleep. Otherwise it is just on offer for a couple hours each day.

Twitter Web App : On a loneliness scale of 1-10 Im at about a 12.5 tonight. I dont even know why, normally it doesnt bother me much.

iPhone : #InsideTheTower is back on Channel 5 TONIGHT at 9pm for a new series! Tune in as we go behind the scenes to discover the incredible stories from over 1,000 years of history at this iconic fortress 🏰

Twitter Web App : Grazia has been imagining the impossible since she was a child… now she makes it reality as our Chief Technology Officer
Listen to the latest episode of the #WeMakeItFly podcast to hear Grazia Vittadinis pioneering story as she leads our cutting edge R&D

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iPhone : Power wheelchair users: Would you prefer to fly independently seated in your own wheelchair in the cabin, or keep with the current method of transfer and your chair goes in the aircraft hold?
PLEASE RT. Feel free to comment on the thread

Twitter for iPad : Still loads of colour, and life in the garden #isleofman 😃👍🏻🇮🇲

Android : Busy w/e Norfolk Special Constabulary not only #charity 🚴 515 operational hrs were completed across #Norfolk

Review of their activities always fills me with #MondayMotivation but today Ive emails where SCs have gone above & beyond in difficult circumstances,proud of their professionalism…

Evertonian, golfer, and rugby fan travelling the world making memories one day at a time.

Twitter for iPad : Were disclosing coordinated account activity focused on the ongoing protest movement in Hong Kong. Our investigations have found that these accounts are linked to state-backed information operations from mainland China.…

Twitter Web App : The Lucky Heron 🌍 70!😲
You wont believe me if I tell you .. the years have flown!

The guitar section of this Old Grey Whistle Test performance is pretty awesome! Celebrate in memory of great guitarists & band. RIP Phil Lynott 😎🧡

iPhone : EE how long do you need to sort a problem with my transmitter? A month so far despite being told it’s fixed yet I know no one has visited the site that is opposite my house !!!

iPhone : La cara del verdadero héroe y responsable del mayor despliegue jamás visto en #Canarias en un #GIF, demostrando una vez más, que ha estado a la altura:
“La mente fría ante el fuego en Canarias: Federico Grillo #FedericoGrillo ”…

Easy going understanding person,nice kind and caring,always positive and don’t keep negative around.

Android : Sergio In South Africa the lawmakers are looking into this. We can just hope they do the right thing. Luckily we have the best and most advanced constitution in the world.

iPhone : Aujourd’hui, dans cette cour, nous partageons l’honneur d’être Français, la chance d’être libres : c’est en partie grâce aux héros du 19 août.
C’est grâce à l’union de femmes et d’hommes, partout dans la capitale, qui se sont soulevés et ont refusé l’oppression.

iPhone : Me: What would a duet between Dave Grohl and Rick Astley look like?


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iPhone : Good Morning Britain I think the issue is to deal with the social reasons which lead people to break the law. Also, why are not more MPs prosecuted for fiddling their expenses and why do they not receive a criminal record. Are they above the law?

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT, PC, ADC is a member of the British royal family. He is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana

Android : Allow Me To Blow Your Account🇳🇬


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