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Hootsuite Inc. : A year after we published our eviction rate estimates, North Charlestown, South Carolina is launching a pilot program to reduce evictions. Learn more:

Twitter Web App : Thanks for sending around Jenny Schuetz... we find that condos are built where high-income people want to live, rather than being an independent force driving gentrification…

iPhone : What is wrong with Ben Carson. You cant expand housing rights by limiting civil protections.

The D in HUD doesnt stand for Discrimination.…

Sprout Social : Because we no longer have that aid, well, you eat what you can. If we only have beans and tortillas, then that’s all we eat. Before, food stamps helped us buy a bit more food, like vegetables, meat.

Twitter Web App : Fully aware that the Sox are 40 games out of first, but its still useful to provide an occasional reminder that...Rafael Devers is 22 years old…

Sprout Social : Energy efficiency upgrades can boost multifamily properties’ net operating incomes, save low-income households money on energy bills & improve environmental outcomes making investments in these upgrades a triple win

iPhone : Shoutout to all the Times Picayune/ staff wrapping up their last day on the job and the end of a goddamn journalistic institution. It should never have come to this. it’s a sad day for our community, our profession and our country.

iPhone : The Square One Project is a justice reform effort that re-examines community and policy responses to violence, poverty, and racial inequality. See our new web site for more...

Talon Android : “... it is important that we create and support both private and public institutions that support people’s ability to meet their aspirations, that facilitate their access to other people and their resources.” ⁦Mario L. Small⁩…

Twitter Web App : RPBP Good luck RPBP. I do love these updates but I live for the day theyre over, too. Previvor is pretty weird. Were all survivors of what weve experienced and previvors of whats to come, except that one thing that kills us? Can we just use the word alive instead?

TweetDeck : Making history: Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant, opens signing of #AB392, bill to make California’s rules on police use of deadly force among the toughest in the nation. #LetUsLive

Hootsuite Inc. : Some might argue that these neighborhoods, like many immigrant neighborhoods of the 1920s, have fulfilled their function, and it’s time to move on. But theres trouble with that argument. Dan Immergluck

Twitter Web App : Maliq Matthew I was more concerned about my sons embarrassment level than APs. That said, I have a lot of empathy for #ICSD teachers & school admins. It cant be easy working in district where such a high % of parents are (vocal) experts on topics but not on effective pedagogy for teens.

TweetDeck : Crushing wheelchairs. Seizing belongings. “Clean Sweeps” like Boston’s can make people experiencing homelessness less safe by cutting them off from mutual aid networks.…

Twitter Web Client : Were looking for leaders! The American Voices Project is now recruiting graduate students, recent PhDs, and others for one-year senior leadership positions (with a possible second-year extension at a participating Federal Reserve Bank).…

Twitter Web App : (3/3) Enterprise strongly opposes the proposed changes that would substantially alter the disparate impact rule and would make it far more difficult to bring disparate impact claims under the Fair Housing Act. Learn more about this rule in our new blog

Twitter Web App : One very much hopes Kamala Harris will reconsider--its so crucial to keep a focus on climate during this primary season, and since we dont know if the DNC will allow a debate...…

Twitter Web App : Alan Mallach offers insights into Black homebuying in St. Louis & points to our work on Black homebuying. Alans points are important & esp. relevant to weaker-market metros w/lower appreciation, but some dont carry over well to stronger-market metros. My brief comments:…

iPhone : Sociology has lost another shining star.
I knew Jenn as a sociologist and colleague, but she was so much more than that--a beloved mother, wife, and friend. If you can, please consider supporting her family through this impossibly difficult time.…

Twitter Web App : i have to give a convocation speech this week welcoming all the new students to Loyola Chicago. i think these kinds of speeches are so difficult because i want to give meaningful advice or tell a good story and not just be trite and boring and forgettable.

iPhone : mo ah got it. thought you were in chicago. yep been in dc for a few years now, trying to finally finish this thing and get my big flowy robe 🤞🏾

iPhone : Rep. Veronica Escobar: It’s no surprise that [the El Paso shooter] thought Mexicans and immigrants were his enemies ... We have been dehumanized by the hateful words used by Fox News pundits and by President Trump — the man with the loudest voice.…

Twitter Web App : Working on something longer with Renee DiResta on this, but I’ll make a short-term meta-comment. Two of the three relevant companies have made public statements. Neither have realistic prospects in the PRC, the other does.

From the US media reaction silence might be the best move.…

iPhone : Penny Smith has been a volunteer with the Downtown Mission for almost six years and has also relied on the Mission in the past. She says shes having trouble finding a new home, due to increased rent prices.…

Buffer : People are being thrown out. Thats happening across the city because these properties now are so valued. What was considered sort of housing at the last resort is now seen as desirable and profitable.…

Twitter Web App : Today, HUDgov is proposing a rule that would give landlords, mortgage lenders, & others the power to discriminate against homebuyers & renters with no consequences.…

Twitter Web App : A lake of melted ice now dominates the landscape amid a barren stretch of stone and dirt. The site was renamed to Ok after “jokull,” meaning “glacier” in Icelandic, was dropped

iPhone : “The new statement comes as the gap between the compensation growth of corporate executives and American workers has grown at staggering rates.”…

Twitter Web App : #TheHomecomers with Sarah Smarsh 🌻 guests, who span nearly every region of the country, range from a globally known policymaker to a young organizer raised by immigrant farm workers. Meet them here:

Android : It was not so much the rage of the poor white Southerner but the greed of the rich white planter that drove the lash. The violence was neither arbitrary nor gratuitous. It was rational, capitalistic, all part of the plantation’s design.

Twitter Web App : Important work by Margot Kushel and Rebecca Brown on functional impairment among older homeless people. Also good for thinking about what outcomes we can and should expect from #housing — #housingishealthcare and a human right but not a potion of youth.…

iPhone : Black students borrow more for college than others across the income spectrum. And defaults are higher. The racial #wealth gap is one reason for this. Get quickly up on #studentloandebt issues on this episode of #CriticalValue ⁦w/⁦Matt Chingos⁩…

iPhone : Agree - containers like tough sheds aren’t designed for human habitation - it’s a dystopian approach by those who don’t have to live in them.…

Twitter Web App : If you saw this, and youre like, Whoa! Minneapolis looks like a mess, youd be right... BECAUSE THIS IS A PHOTO FROM 2011 AFTER A TORNADO CUT THROUGH THE CITY.…

iPhone : Speaker Pelosi should make a clear statement: No official House travel to Israel until GoI confirms it will not discriminate among Members of Congress based on race, religion, or political views.

Twitter for iPad : For the first time in nearly 50 years, Planned Parenthood is being forced out of the Title X program, meaning people across the country who are already struggling to make ends meet might not be able to access the care they need.

Absolutely devastating.

#IStandWithPP #ProtectX…

Twitter Web App : Impressive study. And nice thread by Joshua Goodman!

[And some thoughts by my colleague Crystal Byndloss on the related The College Board study he mentions: Sometimes It Takes More Than a #Nudge]…

TweetDeck : I stepped into the room where the cages of little girls were. And right in the middle it had a miniature guard tower, so one person could watch these little girls. Who had no toys. Who had no blankets other than these foil things. - Elizabeth Warren #NeverAgainIsNow

Twitter for iPad : Sort of love this— amidst the madness-Want Kids to Learn the Joy of Reading? Barbershops and Laundromats Can Help

iPhone : More than 60 #probation & #parole execs from across the country calling for transformational changes to their systems - smaller, less punitive, more hopeful. Learn about #EXiT: Watch NOW:

Twitter Web App : Nate Breznau “Kids, if you’ve invented data for your sociology article and somebody asks for the data, just say you’ve got another paper in the works and will make the data available after that.” 2/

Twitter Web App : WATCH LIVE: Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., hold a press conference on Israels decision to deny them entry to the country.…

Nuzzel : Good moves by Twitter:

🔴 Disclosing & suspending China state-backed #InfoOps re #HongKongProtests…

🔴 No longer accepting advertising from state-controlled #propaganda outlets. Bye bye to promoted tweets RT_com, Sputnik, etc🎉…

Twitter Web App : Why So Many Black Property Owners in Central Brooklyn Are Losing Their Homes, Explained via BK Reader…

Twitter Web App : getting stabbed in the eye with a pencil vs eating french fries which is better…

iPhone : To put this in more perspective, if 75 million Americans merely VOTED pro-democracy that would almost certainly be enough.…

Twitter for iPad : Today’s front page Houston Chronicle story on families unable to move from storm damaged apts is the result of the TX Legislature and Apartment Assn passing the first law in the nation protecting landlord discrimination against voucher holders.…

iPhone : Trump and top aides have spent the past few days trying to convince the public that the economy is strong and that fears about a recession are misguided. But White House officials quietly have begun scrambling for new ideas..., Damian Paletta writes

Twitter Web App : ⚠️ RECALL ALERT ⚠️ A brand of pig-ear dog treats are being recalled again due to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened nearly 130 people.

iPhone : Dave Chappelle. August 26th. Well let Morgan Freeman tell you the rest.

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iPhone : It cannot be emphasized enough that Ben Shapiro is an utter fraud, one who benefits from mainstream outlets that lower their standards in order to give him a niche as a respectable conservative.

iPhone : الشرطة في هايتي على نسق الشرطة في السودان، تهديدات للمتظاهرين وقتلهم بدل حماية الشعب…

Twitter Web App : No billionaires will lead social movements in anyones interest but their own. This partnership is happening because Shawn Carter is a billionaire who wants to be an NFL owner, and erasing Colin Kaepernick is the price of admission, Dave Zirin argues.…

iPhone : .Carolina Panthers Cameron Newton dabbing on the Hornets sideline is EVERYTHING.

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Twitter Web App : The cognitive dissonance wherein the resolution to protesting police brutality is a billion dollar deal for Jay-Z is truly a cunning Jedi mind trick by Jay-Z.…

iPhone : Weeks of paid maternity leave:

🇧🇬 59
🇬🇷 43
🇬🇧 39
🇭🇷 30
🇸🇰 34
🇨🇿 28
🇮🇪 26
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🇱🇺 20
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iPhone : I have so many least favorite things about this whole tepid apology & plan that Warren is doing.

But possibly my VERYMOST least favorite is how everyone ever now feels even more empowered to tell all of Indian Country how to feel about stuff that theyre 100% ignorant about.

iPhone : Listening to Philip Roth’s Sabbath’s Theater and, with my husband, Nathan Englander’s And at the moment they play together well. The protagonist of is sleeping in a park in Jerusalem. But where will Micky Sabbath sleep tonight?

Twitter for iPad : It was not so much the rage of the poor white Southerner but the greed of the rich white planter that drove the lash. The violence was neither arbitrary nor gratuitous. It was rational, capitalistic, all part of the plantation’s design. -Matthew Desmond…

Twitter Web App : How white women’s “investment” in slavery has shaped America today: White women are sometimes seen as bystanders to slavery. A historian explains why that’s wrong explains Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers #slaveryarchive #twitterstorians #womenalsoknowhistory…

iPhone : Just when you thought I was out of things to be proud of, THE APPOINTMENT went and snatched 7 Barrymore Nominations, including Best New Play, Best Ensemble, and Best Overall Production of a Musical!! LightningRodSpecial is non-stop ❤️🎼🎭