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iPhone : Such an assault is unacceptable whether by a man or a woman:

Male model accuses Katy Perry of pulling down his pants and exposing him | The Independent…

Buffer : What are your favorite TED Talks? Here’s a few of ours...
Bryan Stevenson, Brent Brown, Kate Bowler, MORE:…

Twitter Web App : Were born to run. Prone to wander.

A short film as a peek into my new book, ON THE ROAD WITH SAINT AUGUSTINE.

Visit for an amazing pre-order offer.

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Twitter Web App : Is the hero of Roger Simons new novel the GOAT or just a randy, bandy-legged old goat? If we could live our lives over, maybe we could figure out how to separate the sheep from the, well, you know. My look today in Free Beacon:…

Twitter Web App : So Jared C. Wilson got me thinking about Lemuel Haynes. This is just a bit of what hes said:

Christ is my all. His blood is my only hope of acceptance. My pains are great; but, blessed be God, they are not eternal. I long to be in heaven.

Twitter Web App : Our first season of The Redemptive Edge is coming to a delightful close. Tune in to hear Andy Crouch and the shows producers Scott Kauffmann & Mary Elizabeth Goodell reflect on the season, share their favorite moments, and discuss whats next from

Twitter Web App : Did ancient Israelites think like we do today? Did they have abstract thoughts? If they didn’t, then can we understand anything the biblical authors said? Dʀᴜ Jᴏʜɴsᴏɴ discusses reasons to trust that we do think similarly to the biblical authors.…

Twitter Web App : Im very grateful to Rodrigo Gurgel for both translating my book, Beauty Will Save the World and for responding to it with such intelligence and passion. Obrigado, Brazilian readers!…

Twitter Web App : Tweet like your next tweet could be your last. Tweet like youre leaving footprints your survivors can trace back to see where your mind has been.
Animator Richard Williams final tweets really are wonderful, ordinary notes of gratitude and love of his craft.…

Twitter Web App : “There is something deeply hypocritical about praying for a problem you are unwilling to resolve.”

~ Miroslav Volf

iPhone : With more than 300 works drawn from 66 Japanese institutions and 30 American collections, The Life of Animals in Japanese Art at National Gallery of Art is likely one of the largest exhibitions of Japanese art that a generation of Americans will ever see.…

Twitter Web App : The regularity of mass shootings suggests a sick body politic. And its our leadership class that had led us into this dark place.…

Twitter Web Client : The flickering fluorescent light in this bathroom was downright Lynchian

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iPhone : The ontological argument may not help you win over an atheist. But it can reveal why the God of the Bible exists within the structure of every narrative and story that has ever been told.

Hootsuite Inc. : Releasing in 1 month from IVP Academic - Opening the Red Door, a compelling journalistic exploration of Russias first and only Christian college. Learn more at #OpeningTheRedDoor

Hootsuite Inc. : #Ebook Deal!📱The Pietist Option by Chris Gehrz
and Mark Pattie III offers a revitalizing option for all who desire to be faithful and fruitful in Gods mission. Its available now through August 20 for only $5.99!
Order now: #ThePietistOption

iPhone : When some evangelicals leave the faith due to criticisms that only apply to some evangelical churches and never sit under Black, Latino, or Asian pastors were they are the minority, it implies that they can’t imagine a Christianity where someone like them isn’t in charge.

Twitter Web App : what better way to defend the humanities’ “useless knowledge” than by demonstrating that these are means to a larger end: critical thinking? However, one must acknowledge that these defenses reflect the capitulation of academics to utilitarian and pragmatic pressures.…

iPhone : Ancient historians like Plutarch reckoned Hannibals tomb was located in Libyssa (modern Gebze). Talks re: building a Mausoleum over site where he was buried occurred in 1934 and fulfilled in 1981.

iPhone : Ty Burr A year-plus later, I remain really happy that I got a chance to write like this about Samuel Johnson:…

Twitter Web App : I am barely on twitter this month. I was on a writer’s retreat, then had 4 writing projects due (it felt like finals in college, if I’d been really pregnant and had 2 kids during finals), and now I’m running away to the beach. So this is my twitter vacation response.

iPhone : Blake: “The pride of the peacock is the glory of God. The lust of the goat is the bounty of God. The wrath of the lion is the wisdom of God. The nakedness of woman is the work of God.”

Sprout Social : It might be easy to assume that the Tower of Babel has no bearing on us who live thousands of years after the coming of Christ. But that would miss a key part of the point.

In fact, we see an important linguistic thread throughout the OT and into the NT…

Twitter Web App : Praise to the books we write that are never published. The ones that rest in drives & desk drawers; the ones we return to, with hope, & that we leave again, without. The ones we love, even if they never see the light.

Twitter Web App : For some reason Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me) by Blessid (sic) Union of Souls popped into my head tonight.

Twitter Web App : Theologian Mothers!

Are you a mom with children in the home who loves to read theological books?

Ill give my next Westminster Bookstore gift certificate* to one mom who:
(1) follows my account
(2) replies to this with name of favorite author (tag if possible)
(3) retweets this tweet.

Twitter Web App : Farah Mendlesohn Roz Kaveney Nick Harkaway Thats true. Indeed I wonder if were going to see a comprehensive realignment of party political affiliation, with left and right replaced by european/global and little-englander political identities respectively. Could mean the end of both Lab and Tories.

iPhone : I was laughing all afternoon at this cats reaction after sniffing durian

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Buffer : With their bizarre events, unlikely coincidences, mad turns of plot, and appalling misfortunes, these poems strive to be filleted versions of nineteenth-century dime novels.

Twitter Web App : really what I miss is the willingness of Hollygrove to sell me massive amounts of good tasting but unlovely tomatoes for canning, trying to imagine the situatedness of when Id be able to do this again

iPhone : Buildings can be printed in 24 hours in the worlds first 3D-printed village

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Hootsuite Inc. : On this weeks #LARBRadioHour, Anthony McCann discusses Shadowlands his book about the Ammon Bundy-led occupation in Oregon in early 2016#LARBRadioHour

iPhone : “How can the Wolfe Tones do it? We are just a band . . . I’m not saying that I am not up for it.”…

Instagram : Happy 50th Anniversary to my in-laws. These two are stable, loving, generous, and creative. They instilled in their son a fidelity unlike any I’ve ever known. They lived all over the world while Nate was growing up……

iPhone : David French My mom didn’t want me playing football 20 years ago and I’m glad she didn’t. The health risks are real. Plenty of other sports to choose from. But you always have been a bit of a troll so I’m sure you are getting what you want from this post. Go Rams

Android : Today in 1942, the Manhattan Project commenced with the aim of delivering an atomic bomb.

From Thomas Merton:
The tragedy of our time is then not so much the malice of the wicked as the helpless futility even of the best intentions of the good.

iPhone : The detailed conference schedule is now available online. You can view the lineup of each panel session and read the abstracts for the papers.

Twitter Web App : Stick for sure! All 3 of them (so far) in the series - the one that went off a cliff, the one that got blown sky high, and the one they have now, with the martini glass art on the fenders.…

Twitter Web App : To construe this remark entirely literally for a second, what is your estimate of how many people in the world have been called a ‘white supremacist’ in the last 5 years because they didn’t buy Marcuse?…

iPhone : Not a silent movie, but in Foreign Correspondent (1940) Alfred Hitchcock made brilliant use of rear-projection to film a plane crash. Footage of a stunt plane diving towards the ocean was projected on a rice paper screen, then water was released, which smashed through the paper