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Bio Tax Specialist. Husband. Dad. Papaw. Proud #Resistance member. NWS Storm Spotter and Wrestling geek. Accept no substitutes.
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Twitter Web App : I'll give $1,000 to someone random who retweets this
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Twitter Web Client : I chose not to even bother watching Lewandowski today. Why should I? All it would be (and apparently is) is him refusing to answer (D) questions, cozying up to Trump-sucking (R)'s, and generally being an absolute dick.

Anyone w/an IQ above potato could've called this one.

SumAll : My week on Twitter 🎉: 227 Mentions, 57.5K Mention Reach, 16 Likes, 3 Retweets, 3.26K Retweet Reach. See yours with…

Twitter Web App : LeftyVegas Now, if you go to Italy, you have to give up your run for Governor of AL.

Sorry, boss - can't spin that one.

(PS - Hope all is well with our favorite social politician!) :)

Twitter Web App : Looks like I'm one of the newest victims of ol' jack 🌍🌏🌎's de-boosting feature.

Feels weird that I'M under more scrutiny than, say, the Cheetolini that squats in our White House...

Go figure.

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How many resisters can we get connected


Twitter Web App : Welcome to the 1st time suspension club!

Got mine 2 weeks ago for @ Tomi Lahren with some rather harsh names. I regret nothing.…

Twitter Web App : No...but I had to go to the bathroom cause I almost peed myself!

I award you 300 points in my "Who's Tweet Is It Anyway?" Twitter game, and may someone have mercy on our souls.…

Twitter Web App : Sorry for the delay in following back - just got back from my son's Special Olympics state games a few minutes ago.

All have been FB now! Thanks for understanding the delay. :)

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Twitter Web App : If anyone thinks I'm slightly bonkers with "Twitter Points" I'm handing out - just look at my pinned tweet that explains why. Just a little something fun to do to raise spirits!

Have a blessed weekend!

Twitter Web App : That's such a sweet pic - thanks for sharing with us!

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Twitter Web App : Thanks for all you do to bring fellow resisters together.

I award you 125 points in my "Who's Tweet Is It Anyway?" Twitter game - 1 for each follower you got me when I was in your list! :)…

Twitter Web App : And never, ever use the hashtag #MoscowMitch, right Leader McConnell ?

Jane, I award you 80 points in my "Who's Tweet Is It Anyway?" Twitter game - one for each of Mitch's chins.…

Twitter Web App : For best use of a Sharpie (if only it could be reality)...

I award you 200 points in my "Who's Tweet Is It Anyway?" Twitter game.

However, Mitch McConnell stole 25 of them to pay for a back rub from Tomi Lahren. That leaves you 175.…