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iPhone : NooCniK Busy? Maybe you don’t understand. They assist. They’re not here to save lives. We come here with the understanding there is pain and death.

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Tom Macdonald - Cloned Rappers youtu.be/yVgqt7Wd0ms

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iPhone : #PurpleSkies during the typhoon in Japan tells us Light Forces are assisting. Pleiadians called this an Energy Infusion when seen previously during Hurricane Dorian.

iPhone : Funny. Because the same phenomenon occurred during Hurricane Dorian just before it came to a near complete standstill then turned to the northeast and, by and large, missed Florida and the rest of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. twitter.com/elijahcolt2020…

iPhone : The CA power shutdown was done for reasons we were told, but used as a cover for other evil acts I’ve mentioned.

[They] ‘disappear’ people in evacuations & curfews.

There’s no connection to NYC blackout, which was a black hat attempt to extract/kill Epstein (later successful).

iPhone : Quantum Prayers WM Turner Some of them know and go along with it, some are put under mind control. Some celebs or ultra rich are talked into it, some are threatened to go along but may be killed if it’s easier to use clones instead.

iPhone : ‘What good is it that some Deep Staters are sent to Gitmo while their clones are free?’

Traitors still face justice. Plans are in place for greater peace. Clones are tech, not sovereign. Patriots can’t disclose but there’s still ways to “Control”. We’ll still see many go down.

iPhone : WM Turner Some have been arrested, many celebs are killed and replaced. Clones are controlled shadow gov puppets which gives them power and influence having players in the game. White Hats won’t disclose cloning because it would break people’s brains, riots by disbelievers, war etc.

Twitter Web App : 5. Give Your Kindness And Love Away Freely,

And You Are Gifting Yourself!

You Are One With All!

As You Breathe Out Carbon Dioxide,

The Trees Breathe It In!

The Trees Exhale Oxygen,

And You Breathe It In!

Twitter Web App : 4. Nothing Is Permanent In This Density But Love!

This Is A Moment Of Duality And Chaos!

It Is Not Infinite, But You Are!