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iPhone : Loving trans people is not commendable. It is not worthy of praise or accolades.

Trans people are worthy & deserving of love. We deserve nothing less than for people to love us proudly, loudly, and without shame.

iPhone : you know how a lot of shows/IPs have just one female character but she's the best at everything? my boss calls those "apology characters," as in "sorry there's only one girl. we made her perfect!" and i think "apology character" deserves to catch on as a concept/phrase

iPhone : I don’t know how to tell reporters that while many young people are on twitter, asking for opinions or tips on twitter is bad practice when most young people’s communities are on Instagram and the only people who follow you are your colleagues

iPhone : you order an uber and it turns out that tom holland, who used to be spiderman but he lost his job, is ur driver ur last saved meme is ur reaction