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iPhone : And we have videos! #hedgehocam

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iPhone : The Avro Lancaster with the Royal Air Forces
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight based at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire
is silhouetted against the setting sun.

iPhone : Runners Knees I guess that the kid who wanted to meet The Crankies, or Rod Hull and Emu, or Olivia Newton John, had more likelihood of success than one who wanted to meet Elvis, or someone introverted/less need for PR? Trying to recall what kids who got picked, asked for? Meeting footballers?

iPhone : BBC News (UK) Right......why the fk didn’t they cycle it?? I mean they’re both young and healthy, right? God sake leave them alone for 5 minutes and stop trying to distract us from the real issues!

iPhone : anniedee BBC News (UK) Loved this! I laughed.. great point.. Now visualising the cute toddlers with their chubby little legs (not weightist, toddlers typically have chubby legs).. cycling along on their trikes with stabilisers.. It would be an adorable photo shoot.. though distance somewhat unfeasible

iPhone : When an MP speaks in the Chamber, a record is made in the Official Report, otherwise known as Hansard.

Find MPs, their contributions, debates, petitions and divisions from published Hansard reports going back over 200 years.

iPhone : Nick Machin was honestly one of the best & this is a lovely tribute to the way he looked after & encouraged young journos on his patch twitter.com/nickmachinpriz…

iPhone : Holly Bourne And some people do 12 hour shifts. Or travel, switch time zones etc. Plus programmers on deadlines etc.. And people not at work but who have to be reachable (and within eg 20 mins of a facility), on call (firefighters, scientists, managers, medics). People with multiple commutes.

iPhone : Someone in my elevator today said to my dog, in a singsong voice, that she was “a bit husky and needed to loose some weight.”

First off, she’s a perfect weight and quite trim for a lab.

Second, we’re fat shaming dogs now?!