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Bio Its a sin to be silent, when its your duty to protest Abe Lincoln #resist Mom, Oma, loves children & animals, save our planet! Lock trump up! No Date DMs
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iPhone : 🌱Ⓥҽɠαɳιƈ Ⓥσιƈҽ🌍 I work with a rescue shelter. I have never been scratched or bitten by any of the animals in over 3 years. Please adopt. You will meet your future best friend who will add so much love and laughter in your life. My Pythagoras has healed my broken heart. I hope I helped heal his

iPhone : This really angers me. Our spacious skies, purple mountain majesties belong to every single one of us in the United States. It’s the law for all time. What’s there belongs there for us to enjoy, live along with and leave alone for future America. It’s what makes us who we are. twitter.com/acebearstrom/s…

iPhone : Then consider that the largest land mammal mass on the planet is cattle. Then look at how little is made up of wildlife (largely displaced by farmed animals).

Please #GoWithoutBeef. Our planet cannot take the abuse.

#BeTheChange4Earth 💚

#OneVoiceEarth 🌎

#OneVoice1 📢

iPhone : Scientists believe that losing another fifth of the Amazon will likely "trigger the feedback loop known as dieback, in which the forest begins to dry out and burn in a cascading system collapse." 😭





iPhone : We must do better than this.

"Eating animals accounts for over half of all the climate carnage that we’re witnessing across the world."


#AmazonFires 🔥

#BeTheChange4Earth 💚

#GoWithoutBeef 🐮

#GoVeganForAmazonia 🌱

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iPhone : We need renewables, not fracked gas pipelines. 🔥

“Mountain Valley Pipeline construction will cause imminent, significant, and permanent harm to threatened and endangered species”


#BeTheChange4Earth 💚

#OneVoice1 📢

#OneVoiceEarth 🌎

iPhone : #BolsonaroIsaMenacetoEarth

"For the last several weeks, lands to the west of Amapá have been ablaze w wildfires that experts allege were likely started by illegal cattle ranchers & loggers who have been emboldened by Brazil's rt-wing pres #Bolsonaro to stake their claim.. twitter.com/cocosette7/sta…

iPhone : The White House was blindsided by the unexpected arrival of the Iranian Foreign Minister to the G7. Macron invited him & it was a 2 hour parallel meeting that did not involve anyone but Macron. Macron & trump did discuss Iran at their lunch. The French are hosts of G7 this year

iPhone : trump criticized the media, brought up bringing Russia back in G7, said he wasn’t happy about NK missle resting but they’ve broken no laws. He is so critical of our allies, & so forgiving of these seriously murderous oppressive dictators. He cant live up to decency as the rest

iPhone : Bill Conklin Thank you for your input. The iron lung was out of a horror movie. We didn’t cure those diseases, we vaccinated them away. Most are just as dangerous.

iPhone : Agreed. I’m old enough to remember my friends in hospital “wards” full of Iron Lungs. This “anti vaccine” stuff is stupid, selfish and dangerous. twitter.com/katherineoma/s…

iPhone : trump said he had second thoughts about the trade war with China. When asked about it, he said, “I have second thoughts about everything”.