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iPhone : i miss shinee so here’s that one time they singlehandedly reinvented kdrama osts. stand by me remains to be in a league of her own

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iPhone : he is so beautiful

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iPhone : reach out to your friends in need. normalize generosity even outside times of crisis. every single act committed by you counts to something, so be the pillar of strength your loved ones deserve — and they will do the same for you.

stay safe my loves 🌼

iPhone : it is important to remember to love one another with kind words and heartfelt deeds. physical wounds can cut deep but so do the scars left behind by psychological ones.

treat each other with kindness. the world needs it now more than ever.

iPhone : if you need to hear this right now — whatever battles you’re fighting, whether you think you’re winning or losing, i’m proud of you. you’re doing so well, thank you for fighting.

you worked hard. :]

iPhone : reports are coming in saying our beloved sulli has passed away. apart from a beautiful career in music she also stole our hearts as goo jae hee in the coming-of-age drama to the beautiful you.

rest in peace, angel. the world never deserved you and it never will. ♡

iPhone : yall bring it on, ghost! is so good like So damn good what an underrated drama...cant believe im so late in watching it but it’s definitely on my top 5 now. only halfway thru but i highly recommend

iPhone : the way he looks at her 🥺 they’re so cute

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iPhone : we love the most badass ghosthunting couple

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iPhone : imagine hearing a drunk ghost singing cheer up by twice in the middle of the night

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iPhone : a man that cooks for you 🥺

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iPhone : if you cant already tell i am trying to promote seunghun and cix please stream movie star on youtube/spotify and support their next comeback 🥺

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iPhone : seunghun also sang hotel del luna’s so long by paul kim and sounded absolutely amazing

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