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Bio Chairwoman @AZGOP, mom, military wife, physician, & former AZ State Senator #UniteToWin #Victory2020 #KeepAmericaGreat #ProLife #ProFamily #ProFreedom 🇺🇸
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iPhone : Democrats must stop turning a blind eye at the humanitarian and national crisis at our southern border. Every day they refuse to come to the table our resources and border patrol agents become even more overloaded. theepochtimes.com/border-patrol-… #SecureOurBorder #BuildTheWall

iPhone : You better believe tax cuts work!

Republicans believe you should keep more of your own money 💵💵💵 #VoteRepublican #TaxCuts #TCJA

iPhone : Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ today - because of his sacrifice, we are saved. Christ the Lord is risen indeed - Hallelujah! #Easter

iPhone : The way Sarah Sanders has been treated by the media is inexcusable.

Sarah Sanders is loved and respected by the American people. And she has done an outstanding job representing the White House!

The Media unfairly treats real conservatives and maligns them at every opportunity.

iPhone : No, the surge of anti-charter press coverage isn’t unique to Arizona ... and has very little to do w/ how charter schools are actually doing. A must-read 👇 the74million.org/article/analys…

iPhone : Join Dr. Ben Carson, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Governor Doug Ducey, Legislative Leadership & the Republican Party of Arizona for the 2019 Legislative Salute Dinner!

➡️ az.gop/Salute

iPhone : There was supposedly this big collusion narrative out there & that was dispelled not only a few weeks ago but again yesterday, where we know indeed that the President & his administration did not collude & coordinate w/ the Russian interference in our election.—Mark Meadows

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iPhone : Remember: Donald Trump Jr. testified under oath to Congress for 27 hours.

Numerous Democrats spent the last year repeatedly claiming, with no evidence, that he perjured himself under oath and would be indicted for it.

Turns out, they were lying and he was telling the truth.

iPhone : #America is feeling the impact of #Unplannedmovie. Make today a #GoodFriday and go see this film that exposes the importance of choosing #life. unplannedtickets.com

iPhone : Our laws strengthened in 1996, were designed so that almost every individual who enters this country without proper documentation should be removed immediately without any ability to litigate in most circumstances. It’s about time we follow the law conservativereview.com/news/heres-sec…

iPhone : It’s time for Democrats to move on, accept the findings of the report, and start working for the American people instead of fantasizing over baseless accusations. #MuellerReport

iPhone : The radical Left has shown repeatedly they will go to whatever lengths to undermine our duly-elected President, including launching investigations into his personal finances, leaking classified information, and even pursuing impeachment.

iPhone : It's time we look into how this investigation was started, including possible cases of FISA abuse, as well as hold responsible the individuals who perpetrated this fraud upon the American people.

iPhone : For two years, Democrats in Congress, left-wing journalists, and activist former intelligence officers have attempted to hoodwink Americans with lies about collusion and obstruction – but no more. #NoCollusionNoObstruction