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Bio Chairwoman @AZGOP, mom, military wife, physician, & former AZ State Senator #UniteToWin #Victory2020 #KeepAmericaGreat #ProLife #ProFamily #ProFreedom 🇺🇸
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iPhone : “I want to salute ICE & border patrol, & I want to support & salute law enforcement in the U.S. These are our great people. They don’t get the credit they deserve...I tell them all the time, ‘You have no idea how much the American people love you & respect you.’”—Donald J. Trump

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iPhone : “President Donald J. Trump is working on behalf of all Americans and thanks to his dedication, the American dream is within reach to all who are willing to work hard and respect our system.”



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iPhone : Listen to what we hear from the Squad:

It’s abolish ICE, it’s calling law enforcement Nazis. It’s anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Donald J. Trump loves our country and his policies are proof that he’s working hard for ALL Americans.

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iPhone : Republicans = Love America

Democrats = Love Socialism

I pledge allegiance.
I god bless America.
I stand for the National Anthem.
I say Merry Christmas.
I respect those that have fallen to protect my freedom.

Thank you Donald J. Trump.

I’m with you!

iPhone : Tearing down American symbols - our flag, anthem, pledge - is now the preferred leftist tactic for ALL policy disagreements.

It indicates they can’t defend the merits of their ideas.

Worse: inciting a divisive culture war by destroying the few things we share as Americans.

iPhone : Thank you Mr. Homan for making this obvious point: When Americans are arrested or put in prison for crimes, they too are separated from their children. Breaking the law has consequences. Why the double standard for illegal aliens? twitter.com/iwv/status/114…

iPhone : In 2017, ICE arrested 127,000+ immigrants with criminal convictions, including criminals who were responsible for:

◾️50,000 assault offenses
◾️11,000 weapons offenses
◾️2,000 kidnapping offenses
◾️1,800 homicide offenses

Thank you for keeping our communities safe! #ICEraids

iPhone : Mark Kelly told voters he needed Gallegos support because of his expertise on the issues facing Arizonans. So does he agree with Rep. Gallegos call to impeach President Trump? #RadicalDemocrats

iPhone : ....Despite endless investigations, millions of wasted taxpayer dollars, hundreds of witnesses, and thousands of subpoenas—which all culminated in zero indictments of Americans—Democrats continue to divide our country with a political witch hunt for which they should be ashamed.