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Bio Congressional Candidate running in MD-District 7. Pro Trump|Anti-Squad|Zero Tolerance for Corruption|TERM LIMITS| Vote 🗳 2/4
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Twitter Web App : Happy Sunday! If you havent, pls RSVP to the Howard County Happy Hour on Tuesday from 4pm-7pm, Columbia Sheraton

Food is on me. Feel free to drop in & go, this is an intimate setting where I can take time to speak to everyone individually.


Twitter Web App : The The Baltimore Sun does a story I uncovered six months ago, which they should have done years ago, & they are actually congratulating each other.

Welcome to reality, it has been lonely. Unfortunately, I was beat up by the headlines & upper class residents FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!…

Twitter Web App : So what I said back in July is now being said & taken seriously by Baltimore's City Council. Only this time, there is no backlash, I wonder why?…

iPhone : Thanks again Scott! Wish I could be there today.

Great news, I’ve been working on a plan to put illegal dumping to an end all over the country.

Rolling out proposal in January. My congressional win will be a game changer.…

iPhone : If anyone is wondering, I will be tough on crime. The best part? I am a black woman. The Left can’t label me racist or sexist. Their games won’t work & the violent criminals will be locked up.

iPhone : I understand. In my mind a crime is a crime. Coming over the southern border illegally, a crime. Human trafficking of any type, a crime. Armed robbery, a crime. We have repeat offenders under 18 shooting people & back on the streets within months. Great questions YN84🇺🇸.…

iPhone : Government programs like housing wasn’t meant to be a way of life, it was meant to be temporary during hard times. We currently have many families in Baltimore in public housing 4 generations deep that are fully capable of going to work. That’s ridiculous and hardly freedom.

iPhone : Here’s a novel idea YN84🇺🇸. Instead of trying to figure out which crime is worse, let’s get to the root of the problem. Family structure matters. Let’s push for Section 3 rather Sec 8, keeping fathers at home & enforce temporary gov housing for able bodies.

iPhone : 94% of those being killed by criminals in Baltimore are black. I actually believe black lives matter & are not expendable. You can push for harsher sentences, but if they are not enforced, it means nothing.…

iPhone : This 👇 and it’s not even 9am on a Saturday. Just imagine a bold representative in Congress who actually worked for us! #BEBOLD

“I’ve also noticed all those in favor of abortion are alive.” 😂…

iPhone : Plan B is over the counter & according to doctors, more harmful than birth control pills. Let’s drop the regulation once & for all. Many countries all over the world are ahead of the US on this idea. This is a better way for women to take control of their bodies/future.

iPhone : Hi, actual mom here 👋🏾

I just wanted to let you know at 6 weeks the baby is no longer a “clump of cells”.

I’ve also noticed all those in favor of abortion are alive. Instead of being reactive, perhaps we can work on being proactive? Birth control pills should be available OTC.…

iPhone : As this #ImpeachmentScam continues & Democrats send fundraising emails in support, before donating, remind yourself you are currently fronting the bill.

You paid for the #MuellerReport.
You are paying their six figure salaries.


iPhone : Cities like Baltimore, NYC & DC are seeing the best of democratic policies. Vilifying the police did the criminals, especially those under 18, a favor. Crime & violence is at an all time high, thanks Obama!

iPhone : I am often asked the same question..

“Why should I vote for a republican rather a democrat?”

My response is simple, Republicans spread the wealth, Democrats spread the poor.

Donate if possible,