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Tweetbot for iΟS : ᴉƃuᴉsɟ It’s so odd to see for example “ал” look completely differently spaced in different words. I would be curious to see the same list in a different text editor (and would also appreciate getting that list of test words).

Tweetbot for iΟS : ᴉƃuᴉsɟ On second glance – some of those errors look extremely weird. I am sure I kerned the Bulgarian glyphs, which environment are you working in?

Tweetbot for Mac : I disagree with the Author: humor and experiment are never useless.…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Just van Rossum Ben Mitchell They are not. However to achieve the same visual result, quite a few anchors are needed (e.g. I don’t use any anchors to create accented composite glyphs). It seems omitting the pre-composed accented glyphs opens a big area of complexity for a minor gain.