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Grumpy Cat ROCKS!

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Android : I was the first & ONLY celebrity type who went2 Watts & stood w the first wave of ppl who lost their homes due to Clinton-Bush's mortgage scams. My platform in 2012 including debt forgiveness, prison reform & legalization. I was called 'desperate 4 publicity' bc I love Americans.

Android : I came to twitter to counter extremism, anti semitism racism classism child trafficking & the erasure of US constitutional rights. My TL show and life's work proves it, not one misunderstood tweet.

Android : let's move on from engaging idiots and ill informed types. We have a world to run! Things r progressing nicely politically-all the real dirt has been exposed by the IG report-next step will be balls out great!

Android : I believe the entire cast & crew should be SUPPORTING of Roseanne Barr! Cause without Roseanne none of these individuals would have ever had the opportunity they were given to be on Roseanne on ABC! Whatever happened to forgiveness. It's not one-sided. #IStandWithRoseanne❀