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Bio Senior Producer. MSNBCs @TheLastWord. Opinions mine. I am not part of whatever drug deal Sondland and Mulvaney are cooking up.
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iPhone : David Holmes, the official who heard that Trump-Sondland call, received an award from the State Dept. in 2014 for speaking up internally against the Obama admin's Afghanistan policy, potentially complicating GOP plans to paint him as a liberal partisan.…

iPhone : "The security ramifications are insane — using an open cellphone to communicate with the president of the United States," said Larry Pfeiffer, a former chief of staff to the CIA director. "You can almost take it to the bank that the Russians were listening in on the call."…

iPhone : Gordon Sondland's cellphone call to Trump from a restaurant in the capital of Ukraine last summer was a stunning breach of security, exposing the conversation to surveillance by foreign intelligence services, including Russia's, former U.S. officials said.

Twitter Web Client : "Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee and a GOP counsel ... spent much of their allotted time driving at a number of talking points aimed at muddying the waters. Their arguments, though, relied on a series of obvious logical fallacies."…

Twitter Web Client : "Taylor made clear the very real stakes of the political and security situation in Ukraine, noting that lives were lost in the current conflict while Giuliani and others allegedly used security assistance as a bargaining chip."…

Twitter Web Client : Rep. Peter Watch: "By the way, my colleagues, if the president wants to attack Joe Biden and his son, he's free to do it. All fair and square in campaigns. He's just not free to change our foreign policy unless he gets his way to assist him in that campaign."

Twitter Web Client : HECK: "When American leaders ask foreign govts to investigate their potential rivals, doesn't that make it harder for us to advocate on behalf of ... Democratic values?"
KENT: "I believe it makes it more difficult for our diplomatic reps overseas to carry out those policy goals."

Twitter Web Client : SWALWELL: "Mr. Kent, are you a Never Trumper?"
KENT: "I am a career nonprofessional who serves whatever president is duly elected ... I've done that for 27 years."
SWALWELL: "Amb. Taylor, are you a Never Trumper?
TAYLOR: "No sir."

Twitter Web Client : GEORGE KENT: "I think the signal that there is controversy and question about the U.S. support of Ukraine sends the signal to Vladimir Putin that he can leverage that as he seeks to negotiate with not only Ukraine, but other countries."

Twitter Web Client : CARSON: "In all of your combined decades at the State Dept., have you ever before seen an instance where an ambassador was forced out by the president following a smear campaign of misinformation orchestrated by the president's allies?"

KENT: "I have not."
TAYLOR: "Nor I."

Twitter Web Client : "State Department official George Kent just refuted a key Trump talking point. Kent agreed with Rep. Jim Himes ... who said that Trump’s efforts to secure an investigation into Biden was not a 'thoughtful and well-calibrated anti-corruption program.'"…

Twitter Web Client : HIMES: "As you look at this whole mess, Rudy Giuliani, President Trump, in your opinion, was this a comprehensive and whole-of-government effort to end corruption in Ukraine?"
KENT: "Referring to the requests in July?"

HIMES: "Exactly."
KENT: "I would not say so, no sir."

Twitter Web Client : Rep. Jim Himes: "Faced with very serious allegations of presidential misconduct, my colleagues on the other side of the aisle don't engage or defend that conduct. Rather, they spin theories about black ledgers and Steele dossiers."