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Android : Every time I apply peel off face mask: better get that upper lip! I pray it rips all my mustache hairs out!
Every time I peel the peel off mask: How the fuck did it get in my eyebrows???

Android : *Wakes up*hmmm I woke up early, I may put on makeup today!
*looks in mirror* OMG, my skin looks great! I'll skip makeup today
*4 hours later looks in mirror again* Holy shit, why did I not put on makeup this morning???

Android : Interesting text convo inspired this (not bad, just interesting)

PSA: Just remember disappointment is indeed an emotion that can be expressed. If someone is expressing disapointment it's fine to comment and have a discussion, it's not fine to have an argument. Thank you!

Android : Finally catching up on Tati Westbrook videos and on the Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Guide when "mascara goes bad after three months, you don't want an eye infection, you don't want a stye" looks at makeup bag "well FUCK" pretty positive my newest mascara is over a year old 🙃

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Android : Three years and counting: #DeepFreeze by Jeffree Star has barely started looking a mess, lemme tell you, I use this ALL the time, for regular going out makeup, eyeshadow costests, cosplay (and for cosplay I go to town) and my friends barrow it☆It still feels like butter too♡

Android : Today is #NationalBestFriendsDay. Tomorrow is #WorldGinDay. My brother is an ass. Which is why you cant have one without the other. Aviation American Gin

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