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Twitter Web App : More accurate: GOP were never going to put the best interests of the nation ahead of their own jobs.…

Twitter Web App : GOP doesn't think that soliciting foreign help to win elections you know you can't win on the merits is a problem. This is why they all need to be voted out.

Twitter Web App : Could the reason the GOP will do nothing to criticize -- let alone stop -- foreign interference in our elections be that they know they can't win without it? #WeWantWitnesses

Twitter Web App : Lindsey Graham Let Lev speak! Lev Parnas wants to talk about quid pro quos (plural). He says there were many. #WeWantWitnesses

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Twitter Web App : This.
First, obliterate the morally (and fiscally) bankrupt GOP in the next election.
Since one party rule is always a bad idea, develop multiple political parties reflecting the actual diversity of the electorate.
Yes, it's possible.…

Twitter Web App : So the Trump defense is now, "We don't care how many high crimes he committed; we're just going to blow smoke till you patriots go away."

That's not how it's going to work.

Twitter Web App : πŸ”₯Aiden Wolfe Kid Rock preaching about genital hygiene would at least be a public service, and, therefor, several steps above anything Ken Starr or the Huckabees ever said.

Twitter Web App : This opening statement by Ken Starr about impeachment being used as a political weapon are too rich coming from him. No shame. πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

iPhone : #TrumpDefense is peddling Putin’s propaganda in a sad attempt to hide the truth. They know the full truth will not only get Trump impeached, but jail time to boot.

iPhone : Shutting out witnesses and evidence is a coverup. Don’t let the GOP get away with a sham show trial. #AmericansWantWitnesses

iPhone : If Trump wins in 2020 and the GOP is not kicked to the curb, then Medicare and Social Security are dead.…

iPhone : GOP agenda is to redistribute up and kill off those left behind as soon as practicable.…

iPhone : Trump says he wants every person unborn and born to fulfill their potential β€” except for the ones he orders #TakeHerOut

iPhone : Justice Roberts: You hauled out your judicial whoop-ass when people got testy in the impeachment trial, what will you do when dependent team threatens political beheading of jurors who don’t vote their way? #HeadOnAPike

iPhone : More lies from Trump. No wonder the GOP is actively engaged in a cover up. There’s a lot to cover up.…

iPhone : My new The Intercept video on the lies, U-turns, and hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham, the most shameless man in American politics.

On everything from Trump’s racism and mental fitness to impeachment trials!

Watch some of these clips and your jaw will drop:

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