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Bio Climate Change is the real emergency. #GreenNewDeal Healthy democracy means universal healthcare, education & prosperity. Call Congress at (202) 224-3121.
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Twitter Web App : How did GOP think that promoting dictators and trashing our allies would pay off?…

Twitter Web App : GOP is denying climate change because the coming chaos will serve their agenda item to end democracy. Don't let them get away with any of it.…

Twitter Web App : The GOP is behaving like a crime syndicate protecting a mob boss because the GOP is a crime syndicate protecting a mob boss.

Twitter Web App : If not for Twitter, I would not know today that Ben Shapiro a) needs the graphic deets of Brett Kavanaugh's penis and b) he has no idea what music is. Who says Twitter is a waste of time!

Twitter Web App : BAM! #Amsterdam to ban all petrol and diesel cars and motorbikes by 2030

We have solutions to the #climate crisis. Time for a wholistic plan to implement them. Sign on today: #GreenNewDeal

#ActOnClimate #climate #energy #cdnpoli #bcpoli Greta Thunberg

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iPhone : Proving the entire GOP has the judgment of toddlers and are unfit for office.…

iPhone : The whole concept of “originalism” is BS designed to weaken democracy.…

iPhone : How are we still debating whether or not a fracking ban is too extreme when the world's leading climate scientists agree we have about a decade to make sweeping, unprecedented systemic changes to avoid climate disasters?

Do we care about our children?

iPhone : Trump became the most corrupt president in history the second he took the oath of office. And every day it gets worse. The GOP support of this outrage is why they have to go.…

iPhone : GOP is not drifting to totalitarianism. They are running headlong into it. We have to get rid of them if we want to keep our democracy.…

Twitter Web App : Is it possible to impeach the entire Cabinet along with #TalibanTrump? I mean, efficiency in government, and all.…

Twitter Web App : Trump's #filthymouthedwife accusation is like taking sanitation advice from a gas station urinal.

Twitter Web App : I can only aspire to be a #filthymouthedwife. In the meantime, I will learn from the best. Let it roll!

Twitter Web App : Somebody needs to tell Paw-Paw that picking a fight with christine teigen on twitter is like invading Russia in winter. It’s going to be painful, lengthy, and you’re going to spectacularly lose. 🐮#filthymouthedwife #PresidentPAB

Twitter Web App : Seriously, isn't fear and self dealing the history of all organized religion that's aligned to ruling elites?…