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Android : My dear followers, please consider unfollowing Trump. You are giving him satisfaction of having more followers by following him. You can always search his account and look at his tweets if you like. #UnfollowTrump

Android : Rudy Giuliani says he misspoke in CNN interview about Ukraine and Biden - Axios 🤣 He didn’t misspeak, he is lying now! axios.com/rudy-giuliani-…

Android : Just 35 away from 13k .... I can’t believe it!!! So grateful for our one big #resistance #ResistersUnite #StrongerTogether ... I’m only human & would love to meet & connect with 35 new amazing resisters

Android : Cmon and lets #TurnTexasBlue for Al Robertson for Congress - TX03 in #TX03 for Congress!

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Android : Dear Twitter Del Harvey
My 10yr old child died 4mos ago & I don’t have the emotional energy to figure out a way to get you to take this image of her down. After reporting, I’ve been asked to prove that this is my child. They are using her image to make fun of her. #SweetSophia

Android : This smells

Conveniently, the Florida Online Voter Registration site was offline over the weekend

Dems are pointing to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration for orchestrating the maintenance days before a national voter-registration mobilization effort


Android : Joeyt Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hyapatia Lee Listen,
My Acephalous friend

"America" isn't just the US.

America is comprised (North to South) by Canada, US, Mexico, Central and South America. Along with the Antilles.
And those who speak Spanish are a greater number than you

If this offends you,
Get lost

Android : I hope climate change reduces demand for animal products, and especially beef and dairy, the destructive duo. We need a hospitable planet for ourselves and future generations of humans and wildlife. There is no planet B.


#BeTheChange4Earth #ClimateChange

Android : Once upon a time...

The earth was round,

Vaccines were celebrated as a wonder of modern medicine,

The president didn’t speak like a toddler,

And the entire GOP wasn’t batshit crazy.

- The End

Android : Happy Bunday, everyone! I hope your weekend has treated you well.

I just wanted to share an adorable moment with everyone and remind you all that there are many bunnies in shelters that need forever homes. Please #AdoptDontShop!


Android : Education

These things are the mortal enemies of Republicans because they rely on an ignorant, sick, divided, easily manipulated populace to keep their power.

Religion is their capstone which helps keep their base confused & brainwashed.