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Android : #PutinTakeover! The Purpose Of The Putin-Trump Alliance Is To Sow So Much Confusion & Doubt In The Up Coming Election And It’s Outcome That Trump, Supported By AG Barr & GOP Congress, Can Literally CALL THE ELECTION OFF

Android : Too many people tell me about this choice:

paying for food, bills or utilities vs. paying for prescriptions (sending $ to line the pockets of Big Pharma).

No one should have to choose.

But they do. Because their voice is bought out by Big Pharma. #SenatorForSale

Android : The trade war is stifling Kentucky industries, and Mitch refuses to do anything to stop it. Isn't he supposed to be representing us? He's been in Washington too long.


Android : A path to the middle class has been blocked for too many Kentuckians. To make upward mobility possible, we need to invest in:
Early education 🏫
Pell Grants 🎓
Community & technical colleges 👩‍🔧
Small businesses 💼
Equal pay 👩‍⚖️

And an election system that works for everyone.

Android : Let’s recap: your tax scam lavished PERMANENT cuts for big corporations. You could have secured the benefits earned by Kentucky’s miners afflicted by Black Lung for a DECADE. Instead, YOU insisted on only a 1-year "fix" ... Total B.S. twitter.com/senatemajldr/s…

Android : "The model found that being in a state that expanded Medicaid decreases the likelihood of closure by 70% on average."

Tennessee is one of only thirteen states NOT to accept Federal Funds to #ExpandMedicaid.

Per Capita, it is #1 in hospital closures.


Android : During the #ImpeachmentHearing, some Republicans chose not to convict because they thought Trump would "learn his lesson."

The only lesson Trump learned is that he can get away with #RussianCollusion as long as his friends are in office. twitter.com/nytimes/status…

Android : I've heard more than 1 trump supporter say that they don't like HIM, but they like his policies.

I tell them about rollbacks in clean air and water protections, I say "what kind of example is he giving kids?

It's ok to lie?

Ok to cheat?"

But his policies they say.

Android : I’m mad as hell.
Why, you ask?

How safe do you feel knowing that trump’s allegiance is to himself even when our nat’l security is in peril?

I am terrified.
for my family, friends,
our allies & the world.

Why is this happening?

The #GOP has given trump a crown.


Android : How you think, how you feel, and how you behave are interrelated.

Mark Kelly has my vote. Not because of his party but because I BELIEVE him.

Respect earned and integrity intact☑️.

🌵vote Mark Kelly for Congress 2020.🌵 twitter.com/CaptMarkKelly/…

Android : Lindsey Graham of all people is going to talk about checks and balances as a thing we should honor?

NONE of these people honor our country or the Constitution

They help trump dishonor it all

Does he ever secretly get tired of kissing trumps ring?

Android : Reminder to media outlets.

Donald J. Trump lost the Republican primary in Charleston in 2016.

Trump lost Charleston County in the 2016 general.

Trump will lose Charleston in 2020.

Trump is a loser.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. twitter.com/ABCNews4/statu…

Android : Such an honor to attend the State of the Coast Guard today and tour the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter James! I’m proud to be a strong advocate for Lowcountry military installations in Congress and I’ll continue to work to ensure the needs of our Coast Guard are met.