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Curious Cat : 😺✏ — nah fam if it's prediction/tarot readers i really don't think they're getting information from other sources caus… curiouscat.me/rainbowbutt/po…

Curious Cat : 😺✏ — oh my god i thought they were talking about some creepy ass acc that somehow knows everything turns out they were… curiouscat.me/rainbowbutt/po…

Curious Cat : 😺✏ — i don't know what kind of accs you're talking about!! so i really don't know what to say i just hope they're not… curiouscat.me/rainbowbutt/po…

Curious Cat : 😺✏ — OH WOW REALLY? that's freaky, i hope people don't actually have that kind of information?? i really hope they're somehow just pred… curiouscat.me/rainbowbutt/po…