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iPhone : death strap for cutie they! do! this! and tracing them isn’t easy on new platforms! it becomes too complicated and even though OF content is copyrighted it’s incredibly complex to get through it all legally speaking

iPhone : this isn’t a joke. men will sit down and CHIP IN to buy your content to take advantage of it. as tempting as the money is, do NOT let your guard down…

iPhone : lex i’ll be happy once i’m sitting at a table with professionals discussing how i can slap him with a lawsuit. until then i’m gonna shower

iPhone : be careful with onlyf*ns if you’re thinking about making one/have one. some inc*ls GATHER money to buy a girl’s content just to repost it on websites such a th*thubtv and other platforms without your consent

iPhone : moral of the story, no matter what you’re selling, please be careful who you’re selling to. it’ll never be your fault for being taken advantage of but please make sure it’s customers who respect sex work and your privacy as a whole, people are fucking disgusting

iPhone : i have proof of him threatening to leak content with malicious intent and everything he’s posted in the last hours. i have his personal information. he hasn’t apologized to me. i’ll be contacting a lawyer soon to go over this :)…

iPhone : the audio was stupid lmfao i was bored, it was all cheaply scripted (thanks wattpad) and i got paid for talking about how small someone’s dick is! at least my voice sounded hot…

iPhone : how the fuck are u gonna apologize to jesus and not me 🤨 holy shit! shut the fuck up! twitter made him delete the tweets but i’m fully blocked on his page