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IFTTT : Galactic Pyrotechnics From 23 Million Light Years Away via NASA

iPhone : Sound up! The #NewYearsEve night sky is playing us a melody. 🎶✨

In this night sky map SYSTEM Sounds sent us, you can watch and listen to the stars above New York City tonight. Happy New Years Eve, everyone! Keep looking up in 2020. 🔭

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Buffer : I liked this one.

Make every day...every word...count.

Write a good one.


Buffer : “Twitter users have disrupted a media landscape where gatekeepers — in an industry that has always fallen short when it comes to race and gender diversity — were for too long solely responsible for setting the agenda of what we talked about as a country. ”

iPhone : A purple darkness of polar light sounds pretty good right now. Perpetual twilight ...…

iPhone : To ensure that new capitalism doesn’t look a lot like old capitalism, we need more than just good intentions. We need a radical redesign of business at the structural level. This. Much more of this in 2020 and the decade to come.…

Buffer : “the digital yuan can disrupt both traditional banking and the system of floating exchange rates (used) since 1973. For China, “blockchain and the yuan digital currency are a national strategic priority — almost at the level of the internet,””

Buffer : We Learned to Write the Way We Talk

We’ve been taught the lie that homogeneity leads to understanding, when in truth, understanding comes from better appreciating variety.

Buffer : In the long arc of human history, 2019 has been the best year ever. It was probably the year in which children were least likely to die, adults were least likely to be illiterate and people were least likely to suffer excruciating diseases.