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TweetDeck : Hard to believe it's been 5 years since news of the Target data breach broke (thanks briankrebs). But my colleague Lysa Myers had not forgotten and posted this very thoughtful article. #cybersecurity lnkd.in/g7-Y75b

TweetDeck : ParkerCloud I'm also not sure how your pricing model would work.
Vendor: So how much is this worth to you?
Customer: oh, not much.
Vendor: Really? OK. How about $6.53 for the whole shebang.

TweetDeck : ParkerCloud Is that on the vendor or the buyer? (ie: don't buy a Brinks truck to move trash.) Vendors - the reputable ones you want to work with anyway - don't price based on fiat. They price based on the cost to produce the toolset.

TweetDeck : ParkerCloud In my 30+ yrs I've worked with solutions (and salespeople) from IBM, CA, HP, BMC (and of course SolarWinds) plus Nagios, Shinken, Zenoss, and UpTime. I've literally NEVER heard anyone express or hint at that as a pricing reason.

Twitter Web Client : ParkerCloud honeycomb How about if your car was actually a Brinks truck? Would management pay to ensure the driver had complete awareness of the truck, it's surroundings, it's ability to complete the route? Monitoring protects the value of WHAT is being delivered, not the delivery device itself.

Twitter Web Client : ParkerCloud But that's treating monitoring like insurance - protecting the physical investment. That's NOT what monitoring is there for. How about the under 10% of the cost of the failure it catches ahead of time, or at least reduces the impact?

TweetDeck : If we only knew then what we know now. slrwnds.com/s2q5h

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TweetDeck : As busy as you are at this time of year, you need to stop and read this blog: 5 Steps to Prepare Your Retail Website for the Peak Holiday Season. slrwnds.com/c8qvt

TweetDeck : 1/ Some personal news: I've decided to quit Facebook around the end of the year. I am doing this - after being on Facebook for nearly 12 years - because my own values and the policies and actions of Facebook have diverged to the point where I’m no longer comfortable there.

TweetDeck : Making a list and torching it twice. Okay, once. 🔥 Check out THWACK Community to see what else were torching: slrwnds.com/2u4mr

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Android : Washington Post poll finds NPR listeners are among the least likely to fall for politicians’ false claims. Inoculate yourself against B.S. Listen to NPR. (And read a newspaper.). washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/…