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Bio Research in machine learning, autonomous vehicles and human-centered AI. Host of the Artificial Intelligence podcast.
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Twitter Web App : It's probably not internet-cool to say but the "Ok Boomer" meme bothers me. At its best, it aims to be a protest against outdated ideas of the past. But more often I see it used to dismiss the hard-earned wisdom of age. I prefer to listen to those who've experienced more than me.

Twitter Web App : Perhaps we need the microphones to talk about the things we were always too busy or too afraid to talk about.

Twitter Web App : I decided to have a podcast conversation with my dad. We agreed on the day. Agreed on the vodka. We're going deep. This isn't easy for me, but life is short, and in the end, I love the guy. So let's see what the old man's got to say about physics, poetry, and life.

Twitter Web App : ✨🔥👻🔥🎃🔥✨ Yes, in many forms: (1) sitting in silence and focusing on my breath, (2) running long & slow while listening to brown noise, (3) deep work: focusing on an idea & not letting the mind wander. Deep focused thinking is to me the hardest form of meditation. It's meditation by fire.

Twitter Web App : "Gaze into the fire, into the clouds, and as soon as the inner voice begins to speak… surrender to it. Don't ask first whether it's permitted or would please others. You will ruin yourself if you do that." - Hesse. Silence and meditation makes room for the inner voice to speak.

Twitter Web App : People resist new technology, new ideas. As Dostoevsky opens Crime & Punishment with: Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most. I think fear points the way toward progress. Heres an ad from 1915 (via Pessimists Archive) suggesting a horse outperforms a car.

Twitter Web App : I wrote a quick script to organize video clips from the AI Podcast. If you enjoy short video clips, check it out. I'll add search, sort, and filter by topic functionality when I get the urge to do more JavaScript. If you have a favorite clip, let me know: lexfridman.com/ai-clips/

Twitter Web App : I am a long time fan of Lex and listened to a lot of his talks about AI when I was writing material about robots for my last special. Enjoy watching me be terrified of him during this interview. twitter.com/lexfridman/sta…

Twitter Web App : Heres my conversation with the funny & brilliant Whitney Cummings (Whitney Cummings) about robotics, love, passion, and the human mind. She is a stand-up comedian, actor, producer, writer, director, and host of the Good for You podcast. Full conversation: youtube.com/watch?v=0-3kw5…

Twitter Web App : I competed in combat sports my whole life: wrestling, judo, jiu jitsu. Competition taught me that facing fear in all its forms is good for growth. Im getting rid of these medals along with most of my stuff this week. Ill just have to win some new ones in 2020, both judo & bjj.

Twitter Web App : Heres my conversation with Ray Dalio (Ray Dalio). He is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, famous for the practice of radical truth & transparency, and is the author of Principles, an invaluable book of wisdom for business and life. Full conversation: youtube.com/watch?v=M95m2E…

Twitter Web App : Adam Abecid I haven't gone to bed yet. Programming, got excited and lost track of time. Passion + coffee + naps = happiness.

Twitter Web App : 😂 is the most popular emoji on Twitter, used 2.6 billion times. ♥️ is second with 1.3 billion. Love and laughter. Pretty good. I like your style, Twitter. My top 3: 🤖♥️🧠

Twitter Web App : Evan Sandhoefner John McAfee It's arbitrary. I'm just looking for advice from folks on whether it fits the AI podcast. I'm not always the best judge of that. There are dangerous, difficult conversations I will have without asking for advice. This is more of a fun rollercoaster ride that I do need advice on.

Twitter Web App : Should I interview John McAfee (John McAfee) on the AI podcast? He is the Hunter S Thomson of the tech world. I think adding such flavorful conversations to the mix is a good thing. What do you think? Vote and/or comment. He & I are deciding. If poll is 90%+ yes, we'll do it.

Twitter Web App : Heres my conversation with Noam Chomsky. He is one of the most influential scholars of language and the human mind in history with 400,000+ citations & 100+ books on linguistics, politics, & war. It was truly a pleasure to talk to him about AI & language: youtube.com/watch?v=cMscNu…

Twitter Web App : I'm thankful for so much: the amazing people in my life, the community of curious minds I get to be a part of, the intense debates, the love, the ups & downs of life. I'm grateful to my family, to my friends & to the laws of physics for being just as they are. Happy Thanksgiving.

Twitter Web App : I'm talking with Grant Sanderson aka 3Blue1Brown (Grant Sanderson) on the podcast this Sunday. To me, he is one of the greatest illuminators of mathematical depth and beauty ever. Let me know if there are math, science, CS, AI, philosophy topics or questions that we should discuss.