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iPhone : In a rare interview, MI5 chief Andrew Parker tells the FT:
-in future spies will monitor terror suspects in real time through their online transactions
-of 6 terror plots foiled in 2019, 3 were by the far right
-describes China's UK espionage activity…

Twitter Web App : Vanguard has unquestionably been a boon to the world, helping batter down costs for everyone. But its rampant growth raises some thorny questions. Heres our big read… and a short thread.

Twitter for iPad : New: Financial Times) 's Twitter Profile">Financial Times interview with MI5 chief on Islamist terror plots, Russian and Chinese espionage and using AI/machine learning for targeted monitoring of suspects “in real time”… via @financialtimes

iPhone : FT Exclusive: Lord Hall reveals BBC plans to breach “red wall”, moving thousands of jobs out of London… via @financialtimes

iPhone : Student protesters at Tehran’s Beheshti University take pains to avoid trampling on US and Israeli flags painted on entrance walkway

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Twitter for iPad : One of our best read articles this past week. Bracken House Financial Times combines cost efficiency with creative energy in case anyone is asking...…

Twitter for iPad : Notable and quotable on Taiwan election: China’s dream of using Hong Kong as model for Taiwan’s future is dead… via @financialtimes

iPhone : He ran Boeing during two crashes that killed 346 people. He oversaw a culture of arrogance and cynicism that led employees to call their aircraft “turds” and “doomed.” He’s walking away with $62 million.… via @NYTimes

iPhone : Cutting #Erasmus is dumb short term headline grabbing move - utterly counterproductive for working class students and others interested in European exchange and modern languages which overall changed their lives #duh

iPhone : Willie Walsh to step down as IAG/BA boss March 2020. No FT, no comment #BAban (and by the way it is a ban whatever the airline says)

iPhone : Prediction 2020: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle declaration of (future) financial independence foreshadows further changes, notably streamlining of monarchy when Charles ascends to throne #Meghxit

iPhone : The @financialtimes editorial on Spains new government: The far-right and centre-right have accused Sánchez of treachery. But their attempts to delegitimise his right to govern...are ridiculously overblown.… via @financialtimes

Twitter for iPad : Exclusive: Mark Carney, in Financial Times) 's Twitter Profile">Financial Times interview, is bullish about City of London post-Brexit. No point in UK being a rule-taker from Brussels on fin services… via @financialtimes