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Buffer : Labour had held Bassetlaw since 1935 but in 2019 we lost it by 14,000 votes. We need honesty about the scale of the challenge. We wont win again until we show people that we get it.

Buffer : Councillors are the bedrock of our movement, rooted in our communities. As leader, I will champion their work.

Twitter Web App : We may be out of power nationally, but in town halls across the country we’re turning principles into policy and showing the real difference Labour can make.

Under my leadership, councils will have the power and resources they need to do even more.…

Twitter Web App : In Worksop this morning to see how the Labour council here is working to regenerate their high street. Labour may not be in power nationally, but were not powerless.

(And having a good laugh while doing it!)

Twitter Web App : We may not be in power nationally but we should never believe we are powerless. In communities across the country Labour is changing lives. As leader I’ll harness that power, to lead us back to government. We will do it together.

Twitter Web App : Local Enterprise Partnerships have received over £12 billion to drive economic growth in their local areas. Under my leadership, the money allocated to LEPs will be handed directly to local authorities, democratically accountable to the people they represent.

Twitter Web App : I want to empower councils to deliver ambitious and real industrial strategies across the country. In my experience Whitehall sees the problems places like Bassetlaw present but has few, if any, solutions.

Twitter Web App : Too often, policy is still made by small groups of MPs that increasingly only represent our major cities. We need to bring in councillors, defeated candidates, Assembly Members & MSPs to make up our frontbench teams & ensure we have reach into parts of the country we have lost.

Twitter Web App : And, during leadership and deputy leadership elections, Councillors will have the right to make collective nominations alongside affiliates, MPs and constituency parties.

Twitter Web App : Our grassroots government needs a seat at the top table. Under my leadership the Labour LGA leader or their deputy will have an open invitation to Shadow Cabinet meetings alongside our leaders in Scotland and Wales.

Twitter Web App : Our Labour-led councils are our grassroots government - living out Labour values and acting as the last line of defence against Tory policies. But this leadership contest has lifted the lid on our party’s neglect of councillors and Labour groups.

Twitter Web App : Its been a gruelling decade for Labour. We are all tired - but defeatism will not do. There are moments when you find inspiration that compels you to strive for better. We can find those in Labour town halls in communities across the country.

Twitter Media Studio : This is the Britain we can be. A country that knows that the path of least resistance never points towards progress.

It starts with us - and when we win, well know we did it together → #WeWinTogether

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Twitter Web App : By campaigning in our communities, taking the fight to Parliament and bringing the power of a movement to bear, we can build a humane system that supports those who need it.

And as Prime Minister I will scrap Universal Credit and build that humane system.

Twitter Web App : Under my leadership, we won’t wait until 2024 to do that.

Building on the amazing work of disability charities & academics, Labour will run participatory workshops - including trained members - to bring people together & develop a new system that puts people back at the centre.

Twitter Web App : It’s time to replace their top-down approach. People who rely on the state for help should have the power to change it for the better.

We can use the knowledge & ambition of those who know better than anyone what needs to change – the people who are affected by Universal Credit.

Twitter Web App : #UniversalCredit is a total failure- yet the Tories can't bring themselves to admit they’ve created the problem.

Years of payment delays, underfunding and a lack of basic humanity in the system has left thousands reliant on foodbanks. How can the Tories think that's good enough?

Twitter Web App : As Leader of the Opposition I will work with those on the receiving end to design a fairer and more humane alternative.

As Prime Minister I will scrap Universal Credit and end the brutal reality the Tories have created.…

iPhone : As is often the case, our members out in the country are way out ahead of Westminster - recognising that our Party and our country need a new kind of Leadership. Proud that so many came to Sheffield tonight to ask questions, listen to my plans and join that debate. #WeWinTogether