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Bio Now largely politics¤t events. Local historian&pro genealogist trained in anthro&arch. Some interests:Histories of women,POC,early modern,Northern slavery
Location Boston,MA,USA [now in Croatia]
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Twitter Web App : New: A private and influential legal group you’ve never heard of is about to vote on what critics call a fundamental rollback of consumer rights.

Twitter Web App : The hour is getting late, House leadership. Will you act while you still can?

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Twitter Web App : 9th Circuit pick Daniel Collins has attempted to restrict women's rights, advocated for troubling criminal justice policies, attempted to restrict civil liberties, and defended corporate abuses. He doesn’t deserve a lifetime federal judgeship: #StopCollins

Twitter Web App : Others have said it but this is too real. It’s so important for her to be ‘out’ about this experience. It’s also incredibly brave to talk about it so frankly.

I’ve been there. In that exact place. It’s terrifying. It shouldn’t have to be like that. This is the price of stigma.…

Twitter Web App : McGahn doesn’t have to comply with Trump’s “order” not to testify before House Judiciary. But he has every incentive to go along with the Trump Administration.

Democrats will have to hold him in contempt and then go to court to compel his testimony.…

Twitter Web App : I'm listening to Republicans twist the Iran intel to make it sound like Iran is taking unprovoked, offensive measures against the U.S. and our allies. Like it just came out of nowhere.

I've read the intel too. And let me be clear - that's not what the intel says.

Twitter Web App : Allied General Freyberg is refusing to send reinforcements to defend Crete's airfields; he still thinks German navy is coming. Operation Mercury is the first-ever airborne invasion.

Twitter Web App : Foreign nationals cant participate in a corporations decision to make political contributions.

But Wheatland Tubes CEO admitted to doing just that in an interview with the New York Times.

Twitter Web App : A Canadian steel corporation violated the ban on foreign nationals making political contributions by giving $1.75M to a pro-Trump super PAC.

Yes, we are filing an FEC complaint.…

Twitter Web App : THIS👇 Every issue we care about is on the line when Republicans are trying to shut voices out of the political process.…

Twitter Web App : Ankit Panda

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Twitter Web App : Once again, Republican Congressman Justin Amash) 's Twitter Profile">Justin Amash makes the case for impeachment, this time debunking falsehoods employed by Trump’s defenders.

The American people need more lawmakers with the courage shown by Justin Amash) 's Twitter Profile">Justin Amash.…