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Twitter Web App : Sally Deal I've known people w/his built & even stamina just dropping dead from massive heart attack.
and he's 78??

Twitter Web App : Barr has told those close to Trump he is considering quitting if the president keeps tweeting about Justice Dept. …yeah, well, I’ll believe it when I see it. Barr is still Trump’s Roy Cohn. And it is way worse than we even know.…

Twitter Web App : Trump is selling these pardons. It is hard to estimate his personal windfall!

New Report Claims Son Of Pardon Recipient Gave Money To Trump’s Victory Campaign… via DCTribune

Twitter Web App : A reminder that journalist E. Jean Carroll is moving forward to her rape case against trump.

trump is currently delaying sending his DNA to be tested for her to prove her case.

That means he’s guilty, yes?

Twitter Web App : A new poll has our campaign leading against Senator Collins.

Mitch McConnell and special interests are going to pour *even more money* into her reelection campaign. I know that we can win this race, but we need your help to fight back.

Twitter Web App : 'Dark Towers' Is A Cautionary Tale Of Deutsche Bank Pursuing Profits At Any Cost
Read the review, say for the “douche bank” pronunciation.…

Twitter Web App : "Oh, let's pick the socialist who had a heart attack and won't release his med records *and* turns up his nose at millions to fund a campaign!" Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Twitter Web App : Bernie was a useful idiot. He was a middle-aged man buying Soviet fairy tales, and he should never have been a senator, much less a contender for the presidency. Democrats, think hard about this.…