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Bio I cant sing, I aint pretty and my legs are thin. Oh well. #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
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Android : So basically, American conservative ideology is that corporations and the wealthy should be able to do what they want—unregulated, untaxed, and never indicted—and the federal government will micromanage personal matters like your marriage, sex and procreation.

Android : World Peace
through economic power
apparently means
doubling a deficit Obama cut in half,
+28 billion in Socialism
for farmers hurt by a tariff war,
stealing from military families
for a stupid wall
the majority voted against;
so we can abandon our allies
to be slaughtered

Android : He was such an awful young man his parents shipped him off to a military academy; and there he learned to haze those less powerful than he.…

Android : Trump has never attacked Putin for attacking our election yet he’s attacked:

— The FBI
— The CIA
— The Free Press
— The Democrats
— The Whistleblower
— The Rule of Law
— The Constitution

That’s all the evidence I need to know that Donald Trump is a TRAITOR to the United States.

Android : Steve Scalise - & all defending Trump - have zero problems with lying.

Also, collusion was proven, Schiff didn’t fabricate a call transcript, the whistleblower has been proven correct.

Scalise lies bc he knows his base is gullible and/or obedient enough to not mind.…