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Twitter Web App : Anybody working from home now finding it easier to make time for that morning bible and prayer time? Saving time from your regular commute could be the perfect opportunity!

Twitter Web App : The virus pandemic is a good reminder that people are not inherently good but will do whatever they need to survive, we are seeing the Tragedy of the Commons:…

Twitter Web App :… scored a C. If it wasn't for a good certificate, this would be a lot lower. Also in Chrome, the site is marked as insecure although it does display. Not sure why this hasn't been noticed before on your main web site.

Twitter Web App : Gloucestershire College I cannot connect to in Firefox because your web server doesn't support TLS 1.2 for https. This protocol is over 10 years old so there is no reason why it shouldn't be enabled for all web servers. Please inform your web team to get this resolved.

Twitter Web App : ICO Why are so many organisations still requiring opt-out for marketing? Surely this is really easy to enforce?

Android : Barclays UK it gets better. You can't change your details for a mortgage account in the app but this isn't obvious.You get a weird error and it looks like its broken. Just called customer services again. Just had my membership number rejected again...

Android : Barclays UK just experienced your poor service:Chat worker who didn't understand anything, telephone banking person who didn't realise that the memorable work help didn't tell you < 8 characters, passcode rejected because it contains 654

Twitter Web App : So the guidance exists, people don't follow it and nothing gets done. Welcome to bureaucracy:…