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Complex PTSD from emotional abuse and DV in childhood.

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Android : She needs to explain that because no matter what a 14 year old CHILD does, having sex with her is still illegal and wrong!!!!!!!!!…

Android : Dear Dominic
We need to think how we gather up the 'We hate migrants' vote whilst saying 'We love migrants'. It's a tricky balance between leaning on Priti and firing up Gove who can always be relied on to be toxic. Is he still scoring well, as it were?
Transporta colombia

Android : ++Attention Voters of Mansfield++

Your MP - Ben Bradley - said poor & unemployed people should have vasectomies to stop them having children.

The constituency is marginal. Let ensure he doesn’t get re-elected.

Android : So Sam Gyimah 🔶 I have given you over 40 hours to withdraw allegations that are dangerous to me and my volunteers. You have not responded.

My letter attached below.

I was genuinely hoping youd show integrity. But no. I will have to report this to the police.

Android : Jo Swinson is never going to win majority in election
She will be lucky to hold onto her seat
As recent voting #NHS and election shows she will back privitisation again
She will claim coalition with Tories good country
Only Labour can produce a #peoplesvote