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Bio Head of Design & Innovation. International Educator. Makerspace, design & robotics teacher. #tinkercad Advisory. #raspberrypi certified. Make more cool stuff.
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iPhone : My group of 7th grade advisory students. Fantastic people who worked hard, played hard, and grown a lot in these three days. #kispride #studentgrowth

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iPhone : Highlights of day two of the 7th grade EE trip. Grilling on the beach. 12k hike, playing on the beach, and now it’s cookout time! #kispride

iPhone : Students yelling, building, testing, succeeding and failing. Zombie siege weapon and tower design challenge from our EE Trip. It was super fun. #kispride #makerspace #teambuilding #making #steam #zombies

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iPhone : A brief snapshot of yesterday’s design challenge. These kids crack me up. #makerspace #design #steam #kispride

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iPhone : My job for the next 3 days, hiking salt farming, rice planting, building, cleaning, and beach cleaning with 80 7th graders on the west coast of Korea. #kispride

Twitter Web Client : Also, in the surprise 3rd stage, the zombies take over the catapults, and you have 20 minutes to reinforce your tower, and improve your catapult before you can attack other groups with two shots to try and knock off their survivors :)

iPhone : Senior finishing up a custom chess set in manufacturing class before she goes off to college for engineering. #manufacturing #onePHS

iPhone : Here’s the rest of the design challenge pieces. Can students build a tower to support survivors? All while building a catapult to destroy the Zombies! #makerspace #kispride #zombies #design #gamificacion

Twitter Web Client : It's a tie in to our month long Zombie apocalypse TDU. We have a giant gamification unit about disease. I'm really proud of it, it's a big undertaking. youtube.com/watch?v=6Oqdi8…

iPhone : Setting up a 3 stage design challenge for 80 7th graders. Time to pack it all for the EE trip. Not pictured, laser cut zombie targets for their catapults, and weighted survivors they are building towers for. #designthinking #makerspace #STEM #kispride #eetrip

iPhone : David Fletcher 1/2 Hi David. Feel free to message me anytime. This is my MS class for robotics. We use LEGO EV3 kits to teach as a base intro to robotics. Starter kits are expensive but durable and last years. I’ve found 1 kit to 2 kids works well.