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iPhone : Brent crude oil prices up more than $10 a barrel - about a fifth - after markets opening for first time since drone attack knocked out vast swathe of Saudi refining capacity... that is an extraordinary jump.

iPhone : Trump says Kavanaugh should start suing people for libel after latest allegation of sexual misconduct hill.cm/pHLIaQN

iPhone : 🔸Priti Patel MP, 2011:

“I would actually support the reintroduction of capital punishment.”

🔸Priti Patel MP, Home Secretary, 2019:

“I have never in my time as a Member of Parliament been an advocate for [capital punishment]”.

The Trumpification of our politics continues. twitter.com/resjudicatamyf…

iPhone : Also not entirely convinced British MPs need to take lessons from PiS on democracy.. twitter.com/lewis_goodall/…

iPhone : Would be v interested to hear from any female military following me of issues they have experienced with their kit :) if you know any women in the military direct them to this tweet please!

iPhone : Striking numbers:

*just 14% of Brits think Parliament is "sufficiently representative of the nation's views"

*just 12% feel Parliament "can be trusted to do right thing for country"

*just 10% think "Parliament works well & is fit for 21st century"

Source: ComRes

iPhone : Another MP defects to the Liberal Democrats, underlining how the third party has real momentum. Only 4 pts behind Labour, it is no longer implausible to think that they may be on the cusp of reversing 1922 & leap frogging over Labour in the national polls
#LibDemConf #LibDems twitter.com/BBCPolitics/st…

iPhone : Will Dominic Cummings quit No10 on October 31?

The PM’s top aide is leaving for an operation and has told colleagues he's unsure whether he'll return. Cummings' future will depend on his health, whether Boris wants him back and his personal situation.


iPhone : “I’m worried that our judiciary… is becoming politicised.”

Commenting on the prorogation of parliament, former Tory MP Lord Peter Lilley says it is very damaging for the judiciary to allow themselves to get embroiled in politics


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iPhone : ICYMI: “We’ve come to a conclusion around Brexit which I think is fairly straightforward... we need another referendum. And in that referendum there needs to be what we’ll describe as a credible leave option as well as remain.”

- Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP


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iPhone : U.K media gives the DUP’s opposition to a N Ireland only backstop a lot of air time. It’s worth remembering they don’t speak for the majority of people in NI who would prefer to be in the EU than U.K. twitter.com/lordashcroft/s…

iPhone : Boris Johnson's denial about lying to The Queen ducks a key point in the prorogation court cases. The process she is required to follow to shut down Parliament, on his advice, does not necessarily require the PM to fully disclose the totality of his thinking. twitter.com/BBCPolitics/st…