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iPhone : This is really interesting and worth noting, but a lot of political content is produced in the hope it gets shared for free, rather than being ever paid for twitter.com/BBCBreaking/st…

iPhone : Nicky Morgan’s surprise decision very much based on personal reasons, not intended as comment on political direction of govt I understand

iPhone : Yes. Was thinking of that. I always wondered if she found cabinet hard. But I never doubted her commitment as an MP which is why I’m surprised. twitter.com/dunnylawyer/st…

iPhone : It is an embarrassment that our PM cannot make the commitment that in the country he seeks to govern every child can go to school for 5 days a week. It should be the easiest commitment in the world.

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iPhone : I just felt broken, heartbroken by what had happened... heartbroken that I couldnt do more.

Last year, firefighter Ricky Nuttall spoke to Katie Razzall about how he was affected by responding to the fire in June 2017

Watch the full interview: bbc.in/2Nr5geI


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iPhone : “Firdaws [Hashim]... had amazing ambitions, she wanted to be the prime minister.

Last year, we went to meet some of the teenagers living in the shadow of the tower about grief and coming to terms with the loss of their friends

WATCH: bbc.in/2EykcoB


iPhone : Whipping up anti-BBC / anti-media sentiment because journalists are not sufficiently pro/anti Brexit for your partisan taste under the guise of impartiality is irresponsible and dishonest.

iPhone : Disappointed that so many others also managed to shock John McDonnell last night. I really thought we had something special

iPhone : Tide of women quitting (Amber Rudd, Heidi Allen, Seema Kennedy etc) reminding me that when I interviewed Harriet Harman recently she said she felt abuse was driving women MPs to quit politics, more than putting women off entering it. Depressing if so.

iPhone : Twice the BBC1 audience for 14% of the pay. Why I’ve been forced to take the BBC to employment tribunal for Equal Pay for @newswatchBbc with Jeremy Vine on Points of View. My colleagues #Bbcwomen are supporting me. twitter.com/fulelo/status/…

iPhone : I love this. I can hear it in many of the interviews we do. A completely precise answer to an utterly different question. twitter.com/tomchivers/sta…

iPhone : Matt Hancock admits he hasnt got a clue whats going on in his own department.. I didnt know about those meetings between senior civil servants & US healthcare/drug companies about the #NHS.

#GE19 #kayburley #Dispatches #r4today #bbcbreakfast

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