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Twitter for iPad : #China authoritarians say our #HongKong democracy bill is dangerous & arrogant.

But dangerous is Beijing’s brazen effort to violate their internationally commitments.

And arrogance is their view they can control HK yet still claim its autonomous.…

Twitter for iPad : Erdogan isn’t going to voluntarily agree to any ceasefire until he has significantly diluted the Kurdish population in Northern #Syria & creates a Sunni-Arab belt under his control that runs from the #Iraq border to the Euphrates.…

Twitter for iPad : Sad news. Former Congressman & great guy Lou Frey passed away Monday at the age of 85. May God grant him eternal life.…


Twitter for iPad : Last night’s debate was a reminder that while you may not always agree with everything Trump says or does, the leading alternatives to Trump mock people with traditional beliefs & support socialism,gun confiscation & free government funded health care for unlawful immigrants.

Twitter for iPad : #China wants to completely supplant America and other advanced industrial democracies and become the world’s dominant country, economically, militarily, and culturally. #FoxNews

Twitter for iPad : In Northern #Syria two developments to watch.

Emerging front lines between Turkey & regime are along the key routes U.S. troops will use to withdraw;

Iraq may soon be destabilized by an influx of up to 500k new refugees fleeing the violence.

Twitter for iPad : Cleanse me from my inadvertent sins. Also from arrogant ones restrain your servant;let them never control me. Then shall I be blameless,innocent of grave sin.Let the words of my mouth be acceptable,the thoughts of my heart before you,LORD, my rock & my redeemer.

Psalms 19:13-15

Twitter for iPad : ISIS killers will now escape & boost chances of a resurgence

One of few moderate pro-U.S. groups in region now allied with Assad & Putin

Syria’s future now controlled by Russia & Iran. A significant blow to Israel’s security & boost to Iran’s goal of regional dominance 3/3

Twitter for iPad : I can see the appeal of argument that Syria isn’t somewhere we want to be anyway, so lets leave & let Erdogan & Kurds etc. figure it out.

But our national security interests in Syria are much broader than just Turks & Kurds & on each one we are significantly worse off now 2/3

Twitter for iPad : Had very clear indications Erdogan was not bluffing about attacking Kurds. We knew he viewed this as the best way to strengthen himself politically at home after recent embarrassing electoral defeats.

He overestimates his capabilities,but no ambiguity about his intentions. 1/3

Twitter for iPad : You who love the LORD, hate evil, he protects the souls of the faithful, rescues them from the hand of the wicked.

Psalms 97:10

iPhone : As Turkish backed fighters approach a Kurdish held city in #Syria:
-700 #ISIS supporters escaped
-Erdogans forces are filming themselves beheading Kurds - U.S. troops are at serious risk of being cut off & of coming under attack by enemy fighters.

iPhone : Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thess 5:16-18

Twitter for iPad : Vividly captures the condescension of elites & their incessant ridicule of Americans with traditional values. It elicits glee among celebrities & blue check brigade. But for the millions sick of being disrespected it elicits support for fighting back,even in a crude or vulgar way…

iPhone : Today my Orlando office staff joined the Small Business Committee staff to pack 5000 meals for families in need because, well, they are the best! #sayfie