Marisa the Resista..🇲🇽🇺🇲🆘Earth Warriors 2020 (@marisac721 )

Marisa the Resista..🇲🇽🇺🇲🆘Earth Warriors 2020

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Android : This weekend I said impeachment was going to happen. I got a lot of justifiable skepticism. I said it again this morning. More skepticism. Now, tonight, 11 more Dems came out supporting impeachment. It’s happening. But it’s going to take all of us. Keep calling your reps.

Android : IMO, the youth of today are not the inventors, the creators or the innovators that we've been waiting for. They are way ahead of us. They are waiting for us to arrive.

Android : We’re 3 years into this lawless clownfest & so far our “leadership” has been cautiously concerned, somewhat troubled, almost bothered, nearly upset, mildly distressed, slightly agitated, ill at ease, and borderline perturbed. When the fuck will they get as pissed off as I am?!?!

Android : Nothing says Trump like a heartless homophobe on the ticket!

Pence biographer confirms Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are trying to dump vice president: ‘That’s all real’…

Android : Once again Trump insisted at the UN that he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but the “selection isn’t fair”

His two previous nominations were FORGED and they don’t have a prizes for narcissism, corruption or whining…

Android : #BREAKING:
‘The Speaker has laid down the gauntlet’: Joaquin Castro predicts impeachment may come on Friday…

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Android : You will not win a Nobel Prize
They do not give them out for lies
They do not give them out to fools
Who break all of the ethics rules
They do not give them out to thugs
With brains addled from doing drugs
Who separate families at the border
You have a fucking mental disorder!

Android : Love how confused trump must be when he finds out Mexicans like me exist...

“Wait... You’re Mexican, but you also own a construction company, & you’re a veteran...
Shit, should I deport you, have you build the wall, or send you to defend it???”