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iPhone : Tom Whipple Yes and always maths. That I’ve got a few days to catch up with a whole year of work that I’ve not done and feeling that special kind of maths fear and confusion

Twitter Web App : this, by Susie Cagle, is your daily reminder that science + conservation are institutions built upon xenophobia/white supremacy/eugenics! and that to trust these institutions as objective is........not the move!…

Twitter Web App : Brutal attacks on journalists are always an early sign of something going badly wrong in a society...…

iPhone : Dr Vanessa Or for lunch spots, there are many, many food options in Camden market if you want to brave tourists. Also amazing vegan pizza on parkway (purezza). The bakeries on Camden High St are good too. And an ace vegan cafe on Pratt St (the Fields Beneath).

iPhone : Vital that Parliament succeeds in building some kind of consensus since Johnson’s govt appears to be plotting a wholly irresponsible course of inaction.…

iPhone : This whole thread is absolutely insane.

Diana tweets about amazon fulfilment centres, a creepy amazon PR operation swings into effect with hilarious results.…

iPhone : It’s also Food Monthly weekend. For those who didn’t see it when first launched online, i write about Hugh Paton who asked me for a restaurant bucket list with which to see out his terminal diagnosis.…

iPhone : We will protect science and research post #Brexit.

Were ensuring support for UK research proposals seeking Horizon 2020🇪🇺 funding if the European Commission 🇪🇺 stops evaluating them in a no-deal Brexit scenario.

Find out what the new commitment covers: UKRI

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iPhone : Interested in attending the Science and Democracy Network Annual Meeting in Cambridge, August 28-31? Its not too late to register:……

For more information, visit:

Sprout Social : Science is improved by collaboration. Bring your research to others in your field at a Royal Society scientific meeting. Check the schedule for more information and to book a free place

TweetDeck : 17.VIII

Our Mathematician of the Day is the one and only Pierre de Fermat 🇫🇷 most remembered for his work in number theory in particular for Fermats Last Theorem. He is also important in the foundations of the calculus. Simon Singh…

IFTTT : Still about 20 places available for the ABSW/MJA/STEMPRA event tonight in London; includes free food and drinks: Summer Social In Conversation With John Von Radowitz

iPhone : DRUMROLL PLEASE 🎉 Our 2019 Christmas Lecturer is the one and only Hannah Fry!

In the ‘Secrets and lies’ #XmasLectures, Hannah will unveil the hidden numbers, rules and patterns that govern our daily lives.

Read all about it at Guardian Science -…

Twitter Web App : Weve taken a closer look at last weeks announcement from the PM on a new fast tack visa route for science…

Nuzzel : Dont miss this great opportunity to learn more about fact-checking from some of the best in the business.…

iPhone : SANCTUARY is a Sunday Times top ten Fiction BESTSELLER!!

My heart is full. Thank you to everyone who preordered & promoted, & to my amazing editor & publishers. If you’ve read it & loved it, please #Sharethemagic

Android : Great to hear John von Radowitz discussing his career in science journalism @stempra Summer Social this week. As a new press officer, great to hear that a good press release is still valued. And nice to meet some lovely press people 😀

iPhone : I was going to tweet my restaurant review as usual (two great places in Dumfries and Galloway) but then I saw this and thought it’s more important you know that there are still motherfuckers who shoot giraffes. Baby giraffes. Who the FUCK shoots giraffes?…

Twitter Web App : *Prince Andrew is pictured inside Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion*

Daily Mail:
Poor Prince Andrew, however could he have missed all the paedophilia? Must showed up on one of Epstein’s day off I guess.

*Meghan sometimes eat avocado*

Daily Mail:

iPhone : Hunch: expect to see a flurry of permanent secretaries asking for ministerial directions (basically written orders which become public within a year) in the coming months.…

Android : Glostermeteor 🔶 It isnt, technically or practically, if have the numbers in Oct. And I do not see the numbers being there until into October. Partly because the focus is going to be on legislation rather than no confidence first & some of the necessary votes will exhaust every other route first

Twitter Web App : #Period products are essential. Heres why were providing free tampons in our workplace:

✍️ Charlotte Hussey and Daisy Crowfoot from Wellcomes #Diversity & #Inclusion team | #MenstruationMatters

Twitter for iPad : Christopher Hilton Wellcome Library My favourite Thomas Hodgkin quote is from the diary of his trip to Morocco in 1863-4: “Kabobs [kebabs]...are particularly nice and were some enterprising cook shop keeper to introduce them into London I think a fortune would be the result”. Too right. #largedonerandchips

Twitter Web App : Daniel Knowles But these two statements don’t follow on from one another: 1) climate change is a culture war issue for some on the right 2) climate change becoming a culture war issue is why not enough is being done.

Sprout Social : “One contributor to the rising percentages of Arabs who hold a college degree may be demographic change. Fertility rates in Arab states have fallen faster in the last four decades than they have in almost any region in history over a similar time period.”

iPhone : L’vern DX Group was v helpful in DM, thanks you. But pro-tip to DX, surnames are #diverse.

Don’t rely on a clinical vocal recognition system that can easily alienate (possibly majority of) customers, especially w/ passport delivery. Put humans on the end of your phone 🙋‍♂️…

Echobox Social : I am a climate scientist and I just worked on an IPCC report. Government advisers and we, scientists, can spend days hammering out the exact wording of a single page.

iPhone : Were hiring! Two opportunities to join Martin Landray to deliver our exciting joint initiative on good practice in clinical research:

Looking for an experienced programme manager, ideally with #ClinicalTrials experience...…

Buffer : The WHO wants to eliminate rabies in Asia by 2020. But how, when rabid dogs are running India ragged?

iPhone : Ra🌞 Heidi N. Moore Recommended reading: King Leopold’s Ghost, by Adam Hochschild. Came out maybe 20 years ago, but was a best-seller in its time, all about atrocities what was the colonized Belgian Congo.…

TweetDeck : The relative lack of attention (and funding, and assistance) this #Ebola outbreak has received confounds me, as I wrote here last week. Re-upping because today is the anniversary; apologies to those whove already read it.…

Twitter Web App : Laura Helmuth I would love to see this kind of article for trips anyone can take (and how) in their locale. Skate park physics! Pond investigation. Evening observing. 10 days of science fun (right where you are) before the summer ends

Android : Demanding the other side in a negotiation drops their red lines and then blaming rebel MPs of their own party when the other side unsurprisingly does no such thing does not suggest a PM fully in touch with the realities of international or frankly domestic diplomacy…

Android : Just call me Sisyphus.

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Android : extremely white feminism to believe ur employer should shield you from the consequences of your public speech even when it breaks equality legislation. & then to complain, when your employer *does* shield u from meaningful consequence, that you’re not also shielded from criticism

Tweetbot for iΟS : Hope everyone in power for past four years is ready for the what did you know and when did you know it public inquiry.

iPhone : Occasional observation from my family facebook feed. It is usually pro-Brexit, anti-elite and often Islamaphobic. Today it is Jeremy Corbyn should never be PM. Working class South Yorkshire voters.

Buffer : Canadians are furious about the Trump administration’s plan to import their prescription drugs. And some of them are determined to stop the proposal in its tracks.

iPhone : “Critical to this will be an understanding of the patient experience of prehabilitation, including which approaches—for example, for sensitive conversations about weight management—work best and at which points in the diagnosis-treatment trajectory.”…

Twitter Web App : I am now on a break from social media until October. I am writing. If you want to get in touch, please email me. Enjoy the summer!

iPhone : Amazing results from the pupils at Kings Maths School.

Schools like this are the reason why the Government needs to rejuvenate the free schools programme.

Read our thoughts on how this can be achieved here.……

Twitter Web App : David Allen Green But we are where we are. MPs did not think it through as they expected a deal. They didn’t approach A50 vote from a lawyers viewpoint or even in a responsible scrutinising parliamentary role. But we have to allow them to correct this failure of duty & catastrophic malfunction.

iPhone : “Tony Pulis was one of the guests of honour on the island of Corsica this week to celebrate the 250th birthday on Thursday of Napoleon Bonaparte.” The perfect sentence to start your weekend courtesy of ⁦Martyn Ziegler…

iPhone : As I wrote earlier this week, it doesn’t matter which government is in power, the effects of no deal cannot properly be mitigated- so take this with a heavy pinch of salt.… : Earlier today on Wonkhe - Reinventing the wheel? Why civic engagement looks a lot like public engagement

iPhone : Someone messaged me for an unpaywalled copy of a paper I wrote, and it definitely made my week to know someone is interested in my work.

Dont waste your money paying publishers for copies of work your tax dollars made possible. Email the authors directly and make our day!

Twitter Web App : In one of the many provocative grammar takes of the summer, Lionel Shriver lamented the decline of the semicolon, which she says “has slid willy-nilly to the em-dash, a crude demarcation that cannot imply relatedness or contrast.”

TweetDeck : Steve Smith going off on doctors orders, and concussion subs being introduced, are a sign of progress in dealing with head injuries.

But wider reforms are still needed to make players safer.…

Twitter Web Client : Jofra v Smith.

The fastest over by an English bowler. The greatest Aussie since the greatest. An epic contest which rose in intensity until it almost reached breaking point.

A piece on the best Test day I’ve had the good fortune to see. #Ashes…

iPhone : Are you in a #CorporateAffairs #leadership role and looking for a new challenge? Dont miss out on this unique opportunity! Find out more about Korn Ferry’s CALI programme:

iPhone : CricViz data features in this analysis of Joe Root’s technique. England’s captain has struggled with straight balls in recent times & it appears to have precipitated a change in his technique—moving more leg side—after being trapped lbw in the first innings. #Ashes

Twitter Web App : It is still very early days in Roys Test career but the short ball appears to be causing him problems. In Leeds Roy could be in for a barrage from Australias quicks. #Ashes

iPhone : Der #Zapfenstreich war für mich ein besonderer Moment der Dankbarkeit und des Stolzes. Unsere Truppe und A. Kramp-Karrenbauer sind ein gutes Team. Ich werde nun mit aller Kraft für Europa kämpfen. Für seine Werte Frieden, Menschenrechte, starke Demokratien und einen gesunden Planeten.

iPhone : After lunch yesterday Jofra Archer bowled the fastest over by an English bowler on record and three of the fastest ten overs on record. Pace like fire. #Ashes

Sprout Social : The dedication and passion of our volunteers is second to none. At the Fort William shop this week, they marked their 30th year milestone as well as celebrating raising £3m! Enjoy this heart-warming read in the oban times, thanks to everyone involved…

Twitter Web Client : The inaugural Wellcome Photography Prize shortlist is out today. 28 astonishing images that each tells an important story about the worlds health challenges today, and the role science can play in meeting them.… #WPP19

iPhone : Kids dying.
Police dying.
We know what works.
And it doesn’t include chicken.
Time for hope, support, opportunities, kindness and investment in people and services that make a difference.

Echofon : This represents a interesting new flank at a time when public concern about violence crime is escalating by the week. “Officers didn’t join to criminalise people who merely wish to live pain-free” Simon Kempton…