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Bio Matthew Broderick killed two women in 1987.
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iPhone : My insatiable thirst for knowledge has lead me to use up all of my free articles on many websites so far this month.

iPhone : Mr. Clean isn’t shaving his head to lean into male pattern baldness; it’s due to his Howie Mandel-level germophobia.

iPhone : Bad news, impeachment fans: Special counsel Robert Mueller has just handed in his resignation, after winning almost $1,000 on gas station scratch cards.

iPhone : Don’t bother trying to become the world’s strongest man if you weren’t 6’ 3” by age eight and named “Thor Thorsson”.

iPhone : I’m strongly considering assisting Mueller in taking down the American president by regularly changing my Twitter handle to reflect the latest Trump gaffe.

iPhone : Always remember that no matter how beautiful nature can be, it’s a bunch of fucked-up garbage compared to all of the glorious crap that awaits us in the kingdom of Heaven!

iPhone : People can’t believe that Auguste and Louis Lumière’s 1896 film: “Larrivée dun train en gare de La Ciotat” isn’t actually a real train coming right towards them.

iPhone : The new way to get tens of thousands of likes on a tweet in order to make it onto the god-awful Twitter Moments tab is to post something vapid like “What’s a movie you remember?”

iPhone : An Australian calling you “cunt” can be a bad thing, a good thing, or completely neutral. They may not be aware that they’re even doing it.

iPhone : We lock eyes across a busy city street. I take a long drag from my vape rig, but instead of a cloud of vapour, I let out a scream that you will remember forever.

iPhone : I’m loudly clapping for the bus driver every time they get us safely to a stop. Why should people who can afford air travel have all the fun?