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Android : Again, we have the transcript. Why does it matter what a partisan (professional relationship with 2020 Democrat running for president) Democrat CIA operative wrote?…

Android : Jennifer Zeng

Jennifer was imprisoned and brutalized by the Chinese Government for practicing Falun Gong. Her story serves as a reminder of how vicious and diabolical the new Evil Empire actually is.

See Jennifers full story, only on LevinTV:

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Android : Congratulations Ed Meese, recipient of the Medal of Freedom!  And thank you, President Trump!

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Android : 2....He’s a partisan who abused his position to take out the president.  We’d like to know which candidate he had a professional relationship with, among 1,000 other questions.…

Android : 1. No wonder the Democrats and their media don’t want the American people to know all about the rogue CIA operative.  It has nothing to do with protecting him or the whistleblower law.  He had professional ties to a 2020 Democratic candidate...

Android : 2...The president is defending the Constitution and his office from a mob of unhinged, power hungry leftists.  It would be nice if more elected Republicans had the guts to defend the Constitution, too.…

Android : 1. The White House counsel’s letter to Pelosi, et al, is a killer.  It exposes and confronts every fascistic and sleazy tactic she and her party have employed in their phony “impeachment inquiry.”...

Android : Chinas On The Move

When will the MSM focus the appropriate amount of time on the grave threat that is China?

Care about the important issues? Youll love LevinTV:

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Facebook : Attention journalists, columnists, and other commentators: if you’re going to use my book, UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS, as a resource, at least have the class to mention it. Just saying.…