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Bio Author, activist, non-denominational faith leader. 2020 candidate for President of the United States. #marianne2020
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iPhone : Donald Trump has taken us into an era of political theater - & for better or for worse we will not be going back. Our choices are the cheap drama of Trump’s politics, or the high drama of serious human beings evolving into collective wisdom & strength. And I have a plan for that.

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Twitter Web App : War is the absence of peace, peace is not the absence of war. We have to cultivate peace just like we have to be prepared for war if war must come.

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iPhone : Of course a National Security Advisor does not need Senate confirmation. The President appoints the National Security advisor at his/her pleasure. But that is no reason for us to remain quiet. Writing Op Ed’s, calling our reps, using our voices. That’s what matters: speaking up.

Twitter Web App : Before this trickle-down economics theory took hold of our society the way it did, corrupting our government and so corrupting our entire moral value system, before that, the American corporation - can you imagine this? - was expected to care.

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Twitter Web App : Good news John Bolton was fired. But the man now poised to at least temporarily fill his position is someone whose views lie somewhere between dangerous & insane. Make noise! Call reps at (202) 224-3121 (House & Senate) and say NO to Charles Kupperman.…

Twitter Web App : We need a green new century. We are not willing to acquiesce any longer to politicians who say well, we want to do all this but of course we have to make oil and gas happy. This is about saving our planet, this is about saving our country, this is about saving our democracy.

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iPhone : Howard That is NOT what I said. Please listen to the tape. I said I understand that they have called ME godless. Some have said I’m a “new age” person who doesn’t believe in the “real” God for many years. That’s what I was referring to. Please listen to the tape again for verification.

iPhone : My fundraiser in Los Angeles this Sunday, September 15th will feature a meaningful conversation between myself and special guest Russell Brand.

Thank you for all your support! Get your tickets here:…