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iPhone : Montana! We don't have a Healthcare System, we have a Sickness Care System - but it will change when we decide to change it. We need progressive voices who have worked in healthcare, like Tom Winter. Help him stand for people over profits. Check him out:…

iPhone : To continue the conversation I was having as a candidate, please support others who walk the same talk - on children, peace, health and more. @JillPCarter is a major force for change in Baltimore. Let’s get #JillOnTheHill to Congress! She belongs there.

Twitter Web App : Coloradans, listen up. You have a progressive champion in Andrew Andrew Romanoff, leading the fight for a #GreenNewDeal & #healthcare for all. He’ll be a terrific senator—but he needs your help. Check it out, and if you feel it please chip in here:

Twitter Web App : The greatest way to honor Dr. King’s legacy is to seek to embody the principles for which he lived and for which he died. Full video:

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iPhone : Big Pharma’s undue influence extends not only to FDA not overseeing questionable profit centers (their predatory practices are not limited to opioids) but also to smearing anyone who dares question them. They’ve bought govt & media. Don’t let them buy you.…

iPhone : One of the problems with many on the Left is that we get very activated by the adrenaline-filled presidential contests, sometimes midterms. Other side of the political spectrum remains attuned to political issues - even the more boring ones - throughout the year. We need to, too.

iPhone : Our economic system was designed before women had a real say in the public sphere, and when care of children was seen as “women’s work.” But we do have a voice now and we should use it loudly on behalf of America’s children (all America’s children, and the children of the world).

iPhone : Bobby 🇨🇦 If we’re honest with ourselves, I think it’s a place where we the citizens have totally failed. I’ve seen coverage of this USDA decision all over the media in the last day. On many things the issue is who we’ve elected over the last 40 years. Our complacency is partly to blame.

iPhone : Our Sect’y of Agriculture is Sonny Perdue; the USDA calls the shots re school lunches. If you think it seriously wrong that the Secretary of Agriculture would be arguing for FEWER fruits and vegetables, you’re absolutely right. The Sec of Ag is basically an agribusiness lobbyist.

iPhone : dan lack I don’t buy it. This is a country that abolished slavery, gave women the right to vote, and dismantled segregation. This is not the first time we’ve had to fight off evil and challenge injustice. Cynicism is just an excuse for not helping.