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iPhone : Are the Hong Kong protests leaderless, or leader-ful? Tonight's Hong Kong Way shows it's both. All it took was someone to suggest the idea online, then a frenzied division of labour as volunteers pitched in to organise & build momentum. Then, voilà: history created & re-created.

TweetDeck : On Monday, this was just an idea someone suggested online. On Friday, thousands joined hands across the city—below public housing estates, up on a mountain ridge, along tram tracks—to form a human chain, coinciding w the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way…

TweetDeck : Reclaim Hong Kong, Revolution of our time seen at Mont Blanc. The author wrote that he felt conflicted about traveling abroad at such a pivotal time. To express my guilt of leaving HK, I erected these 8 words at the peak of the country of revolution.…

TweetDeck : More awe-inspiring photos from Lion Rock. Also, Hong Kong has a vibrant hiking & trail running community—one way to tell is how well these protesters are kitted out. (Pics: 何家達/Apple Daily)

TweetDeck : Lion Rock at dusk. A key slogan of the protest movement has been 兄弟爬山 brother climbing mountains, meaning to each their own, unity in difference. Tonight, protesters literally climbed mountains.
(Pic: Kevin Cheng @ USP United Social Press)

TweetDeck : Below the Lion Rock, Hong Kong Way edition. One of the most beautiful things about HK is its blend of rural & urban. It was all the more striking tonight to see protests across city streets & mountain trails. (Pic: Lam Chun Tung/Initium Media) #HongKongWay #BalticWay30

Twitter Web App : Statement from MTR on the injunction it obtained from the court. We’ll need to see the full text to ascertain exactly what it means for protesters’ typical activities inside the stations, because “interfering with the comfort and convenience of any MTR staff” could mean anything

iPhone : What'd we learn from the 40km Hong Kong Way, exactly 30 yrs after 2 million formed the 600km Baltic Way?
-People power echoes through the ages & across continents
-"This time it demonstrates harmony & love rather than venting anger & hate. The spirit is unity," one guy told me

iPhone : And some evem put on plastic gloves (the kind you put on for a lobster feast)! The aversion to handholding is a tad surprising given that there is zero personal space on trains during rush hour. But the fear of germs is real, particularly after the 2003 SARS outbreak.…

iPhone : And thats the end of the Hong Kong Way! Claps, cheers, and the chain unlinks and flows away, like water.

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iPhone : Now the resounding chant is 黑警還眼! Corrupt cops, return the eye!

Everyone is holding up a phone light with one hand, and covering up an eye with the other—a reference to the female protester who was shot in the eye by the police with a bean bag round.

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iPhone : Meet Lester, whose harness says 香港人加油 Hongkongers add oil!

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iPhone : Hong Kong Way is lighting up Lion Rock, the iconic mountain symbolising the citys spirit. (Pic: Telegram)

iPhone : At least one tram here is giving supportive, high-pitched honks, and passengers on the upper deck are waving their phone light.

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iPhone : Doubling back here just to admire the human chain against the backdrop of the Pawn, a 19th-century tenement building with majestic pillars.

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iPhone : Another section, along Johnston Road.

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iPhone : Meanwhile I was just told that I should be careful because I look like a cop with my short hair.