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iPhone : This piece is undoubtedly right. How many people would move to a less secure job in return for the promise of 10% pay-rise? twitter.com/Mark__Buchanan…

Twitter Web App : Modern society will shame you for earning money, shame you for being happy, shame you for being raised well, shame you for having children, and ultimately, shame you for existing.

It isn’t just religion that controls you by declaring you a sinner.

iPhone : Reading Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb tonight. Im about to reach halfway and the insights are staggering. This might be one of the most influential books for me this year.

I want to live happily in a world I dont understand. pic.twitter.com/7MtEosIItd

iPhone : This preprint paper argues that "Blue Zones"-- places where there is an unusually high concentration of very old people-- may be in large part a mirage attributable to fraud and error in birth records. Pretty compelling arguments. h/t Colby Vorland

iPhone : Republican conspiracy theorists are roasted on late-night comedy.

Democrat conspiracy theorists are toasted on prime-time news.

iPhone : You have to be smart enough to avoid
-Industrial food
-Mindless entertainment
-Drug abuse

If so, modernity's awesome.

If not, society's basically decided to throw you to the wolves to become one of the human characters on Wall-E

iPhone : If you're smart, you can avoid all the negative aspects of modernity.

It's funny, in building up civilization, ostensibly in part to establish a safety net for even the least capable of humans, we've created this economy that preys on the moronic and helpless.

iPhone : Peaking at age 8 sounds bad until you see it on video

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iPhone : Tulsi takes down Kamala Harris over her record on criminal justice reform, the death penalty, and the war on drugs -TULSI2020 #DemDebate #Tulsi2020 tulsi.to/LegalizeIt

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iPhone : Go get her Tulsi #DemDebate #TulsiGabbard

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iPhone : Me in this game called life

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iPhone : Thought experiment:

Say a hacker put malware on your browser that subbed in a completely different FB/TWTR feed, one that said a reality-show huckster named Trump won the 2016 election (instead of the real winner, Clinton).

How would you know that didn't happen?

iPhone : I still believe CP3 can be effective. Too much 1vs1 in Hou system after losing a step.
PNR game is still there in a team concept. Not a superstar but a good player twitter.com/KevinOConnorNB…

iPhone : Excited for Presti to draft an army of guys between 6'4" and 6'8" who all lack critical basketball skills and shoot a combined 42% from the floor with all those picks