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iPhone : Terry Dactyl William Shatner You do realize the boomers were the ones who came up with ‘don’t trust anyone over 30’ when they were under 30 right? No other gen was so arrogant. It’s not the greatest gen or gen x that’s the problem, just the boomers.

iPhone : William Shatner Yo ❤️ you Will & the greatest Gen. Problem with Boomers is they never listen and just brag as they exploit and destroy what greatest G built. Yes millinials whine but if you calm them down and give them a latte they will actually listen and do useful work and collaborate -Gen X

iPhone : Kellan of LA Morgan M. Hurley Lorena I mean it sounds like she’s saying it’s super hard to retain specialized contractor talent because of: 1. the court decision and, 2: also the new law which codified it. No need to laugh at their company’s difficulties 🤷🏼‍♂️.

iPhone : Katie Neil deGrasse Tyson But they are NOT held to account! Dr errors are kept a secret from their patients. There are no enforced standards or oversight. We have stricter laws requiring restaurant workers to wash their hands than drs. Checkout checklist manifesto.

iPhone : Elizabeth Warren) 's Twitter Profile">Elizabeth Warren Wow this level of pandering on such a minor issue is just embarrassing. Elizabeth Warren) 's Twitter Profile">Elizabeth Warren you used to talk about real issues like systemic corruption not retroactively score settling on an issue that has already been corrected. It makes you look small and petty.

iPhone : Dan Davis Donald J. Trump Consider looking up facts or not commenting on things you don’t understand and are easily disprovable. Under Obama US debt to GDP rose from 77.3% to 105.3%
Under Trump the debt to GDP has gone from 105.3% to 105.3% as of 2018Q4 fred.stlouisfed.org/series/GFDEGDQ…

iPhone : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez That guy in a suit is a phantasm. The working class are not oppressed they are brainwashed to fight for their oppressors. Empowering people to start their own business is the only way to buck the corporate yolk not a higher minimum wage.

iPhone : ON AIR NOW - Audio of Chris Cate Chris Cate claiming he would inform residents about controversial homeless shelter, but he failed - one reason why I'm not endorsing him for re-election

iPhone : I am running for United States Senate to serve the people of Utah and bring Utahs values to Washington.

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iPhone : Paul Ryan Paul great legislation but glossing over the corp cut looks sketchy. Be proud; closes huge corp tax dodge and improves business environment!