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iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 So tax corps that hold stock? Would it be an asset tax or tax on dividend/appreciation? It’s still a corporate tax of sorts but could work. It stills seems like I should reclass my sole prop into a corp though. Still could work let me think about it.

iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 Ok that’s fine but how do you tax equity growth correctly? Many corporations are not publicly traded. You could just have a corporations and never return dividends. I’d just take my sole prop and put it in a corp and never pay any taxes.

iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 Why does a corp have massive liquid assets anyway? Usually required by the government to ensure a liability is paid... which can be a real problem when you create a fictitious entity that limits liability and cannot be incarcerated.

iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 Your arguments rest of the premise that corporations have to exist but actually they don’t. Their existence is a form of big government. Everyone could throw a dollar into a had and sign a contract and the entity would act like a corp but without limit liability.

iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 Re #1 I agree this is more of a problem when the corporation is acting as a passive investor. I would be more in favor of passive investments having no corporate income tax than general business profit. There is precedent in some industries for a lower tax on investment income.

iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 A sole prop with the same bus model and expense structure as a corp can return higher profits and lower prices than a corp due to no double tax. The corp must match the price to remain viable. Investors get lower returns for limited liability. End prices not are not affected.

iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 Corporations pay income tax as a price for their fictitious limit on liability. Sole props do not pay double taxation. Forming a corporation for a business venture is voluntary and the price (corporate tax) is an excellent value given their prevalence.

iPhone : Danielle Webb farmer laura💛🐥 T U P P E R No you can see the cross bar in both of the first 2 swings. Looks it’s edited. I think he is facing the building as the angle is not correct for support bars when seeing him swing away from the building. He would be running into them plus spacing not correct.

iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 basehead James Medlock Hey sorry to butt in on this but I found this convo while following some people on Georgism and got excited about seeing a thoughtful and sophisticated discussion on the topic. My back ground is in worker’s comp and spend a good chunk of my day life on medical costs 👍

iPhone : Gonzo Georgism 🔰🔶 basehead James Medlock Big dollar lobbyists have co-opted the left’s debate on universal health care debate and successfully turned ‘universal health care’ into ‘single payer system’ which has turned into ‘Medicare for all’ which means the checks for needless services continue to flow.

iPhone : Disney+ ugh why can’t I verify my Disney+ account on my phone! The number verification doesn’t bring up the keypad! Seriously!

iPhone : Mike Duncan Hey 👋 Mike! I’m on 100th episode of history of Rome and I love it! Thank-you for all that hard work. I feel like I’m listening to a history of you from the 2000s as well. I can’t wait to find out what’s happened with you since. carpe diem buddy!

iPhone : Terry Dactyl William Shatner You do realize the boomers were the ones who came up with ‘don’t trust anyone over 30’ when they were under 30 right? No other gen was so arrogant. It’s not the greatest gen or gen x that’s the problem, just the boomers.

iPhone : William Shatner Yo ❤️ you Will & the greatest Gen. Problem with Boomers is they never listen and just brag as they exploit and destroy what greatest G built. Yes millinials whine but if you calm them down and give them a latte they will actually listen and do useful work and collaborate -Gen X