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Twitter Web App : The damage to Johnson may cut deeper than just a broken promise to leave on Oct. 31, albeit a critical one. His leadership pitch was of somehow bending parliamentary arithmetic and EU redlines to his will, where mortals like May and Hunt would fail. Feet of clay...…

iPhone : ...Which is just as well, as gutting this architecture would sink a deal entirely and beyond rescue.

Does this show the PM’s pragmatism to an eventual landing zone, or just an indifference to the holy texts of the Brexit cause?

iPhone : A quirk of the struggle for “sovereignty”: control over tariffs is non-negotiable. But the interpretation and enforcement of EU law - the essence of the Brexit project for Bill Cash, and the unsplittable atom for the commission - remains undisturbed by the Johnson revolution...

iPhone : Jurisdiction of the CJEU; supremacy and direct effect of EU law - the “same legal effects as those which they produce within the Union” - where EU law is applied in the NI regulatory zone.

iPhone : Exhibit one: the open-ended labour, environmental, state aid obligations that kick in on day one of no deal under the bare bones aviation agreement. EU can throttle or ground flights, without appeal, if departed.

iPhone : One of May’s best observations was the EU would get it’s LPF clamps on come what may, so she might as well extract some decent market access in return. Jettisoning much easier said than done.…

iPhone : At a fringe on Tuesday, Liam Fox mocked Germany as destined to be the “greatest ATM in history” after Brexit; presumably then unappraised of the PM’s proposals to place Northern Ireland on a no-deal countdown every four years, forever.…

Twitter Web App : Johnson: "We have moved quite some way. We have gone the extra mile." Indeed, yes: considerably, away from an already negotiated settlement.

Twitter Web App : One of this governments strangest rhetorical tricks is to lament how parliament voted against the withdrawal agreement, with a shrug, as if the PM, Foreign Sec, Home Sec were elsewhere at the time.