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Android : Since some of my friends in the #erotica #WritingCommunity have grumbled about this, I just gotta ask: Guys, what the fuck are you thinking when you send someone a pic of your dick? What do you think is going to happen?

Android : carolyn Diaz likes her wine
A good #vintage she won't decline
But when she gets drunk
She climbs in the trunk
Saying, "I'll throw up here and be fine."
#vss365a #vss365 #drunkbot

Android : So how's the #transition going.

Slow but I think our little #beast is coming along. We will need patients to reach out ultimate goal.

And that is?

Humanities annihilation. We've grown to big for our britches.

Unfortunately, you are correct.

#satsplat #ConverStory #SciFanSat

Android : So what kind of battle roar are we going to give this genetically engineered #beast?

Something unexpected. Kitten sounds?

You think something that looks like a cross between Godzilla & a Sabertooth Tiger should roar like kitty cat?

I would be different.

Android : “Do you ever think you’re getting too old for this, sir?”

“What do you mean? I’m not that old, Haskins.”

“You’re exactly twice my age.”

“I’m a fine #vintage. You’re just a baby.”

“You’re older and wider than me.”

“You mean wiser.”

“No, I got it right first time.”


Android : #OddCelebrityOctagonMatches
Betty White vs The Geico walrus goalie

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