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Android : because he did not know his limit
they decided to make him it
he drank them all under
without a blunder
as they chanted his name, "Emmitt"
#vsspoem #poetry

Talon Android : #SeenAtTheAfterParty Not me because I gotta be at work tomorrow

Android : Dancing in the wind
All of the windows down
Beautiful weekend
#haiku #poetry

Android : Never.

August 26th, 2019
#vsspoem prompt: #limit

Share. Retweet. Defy.


Android : Hey, you wanna go to #Skyline.

Not with you.

Promise I won't get the 5 way this time.

That doesn't matter.

Come on. It will #peachy.

It won't smell peachy. How does your digestive system work so fast any way? I also thought they banned you.
#converstory #vss365

Android : "Tell me watch bot. Have you been out there", Toasty asked scanning the #skyline. A vast ocean and partly cloudy sky ahead. "I have not. I would not know what to watch ", the bot said. "Is there a haven out there", he asked. "I have not watched one yet." #vss365

Android : I need me some peaches.

Never heard you use that one for boobs.

Noooo. A actual #peach.

Well, the best are in Georgia and I think you just missed them.

Well damn.

Guess it's back to boobs, huh?

What is it with you and boobs?

Android : **** Daily prompt: BROTHER *****

Can you write a story in just twelve words? Any genre of writing welcome!

1) Include the daily prompt word in your story
2) Use the hashtag #Storyin12 in your Tweet

Android : #LuckRetires
Many so-called fans showed their true colors last night. Those who booed should go fan someplace else.

Android : “Say what you like about London, Haskins...”

“And most people do, sir.”

“Quite, but our #skyline is most impressive.”

“It’s a lot like your wife.”

“In what way?”

“Probably looks better at night, sir.”

“Ha ha, very good.”

“You’re laughing? Things are looking up.”