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Bio Lover & respector of our land, our sea, our people, our planet. We share the earth, we dont own it. Our job is to care. So tired of the stupidity.
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Twitter Web App : When asked what’s the simplest way Victoria can cut its emissions and reduce bushfire risk? Stop doing this to our forests. Melbourne boasts the most carbon rich forests on Earth but we log and burn them for copy paper, container liners and pallets. This is a jobs-poor use.

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Twitter Web App : Labor’s position on climate change is unshakeable. It’s our responsibility to future generations.…

Twitter Web App : The lies told by members of this Govt are just extraordinary. People are onto them - this will be a major part of their undoing #auspol #insiders…

Twitter Web App : Today the #VFLW grand final was played directly before the men's #VFL final, however on 1116 SEN SEN 1116 & ABC 774 ABC Grandstand there was no broadcast of the women's game. On Herald Sun there's also a blog of VFL final with no mention of VFLW. Not good enough. #womeninsport

Twitter Web App : What good is a budget surplus when there aren’t enough jobs, when there aren’t enough hours, and there are thousands of workers who haven’t seen a real pay rise in almost seven years?

Twitter Web App : Don’t you love it when privileged white insider β€˜family money’ agri-capitalists declare with straight faces that their corrupt self serving behavior is in β€˜accordance with the rules’. Of course!! When your mates are making and enforcing the rules! #grassgate #watergate #insiders

Twitter Web App : The Liberal Party admit they published and distributed the fake AEC signs but refused to admit if the candidates were aware of the signs.

Bring on the by-elections.…

Twitter Web App : There’s a pattern of lying here. Morrison lied about role in leadership spill. Death tax. Shanghai Sam. Inviting Hillsong. That’s just a few. We have a slippery con artist for a PM. Just like Trump. Makes my skin crawl.…

Twitter Web App : Is this a widespread practise? Not according to the court or other research. Do some parents - men and women - make stuff up, without a doubt. #auspol…

Twitter Web App : I am hoping this outrage by the right regarding kids missing out on education means they’ll demand under-funded public schools get the resources they need to give every kid equal access to...oh, they’re only fingerwagging cos it suits their agenda? Normal service resumes tomorrow

Twitter Web App : Being challenged by extremists sprouting men’s rights movement lines. Returning to my children and puppy. One woman dies every week. Ruminate on that. #auspol