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Twitter Web App : The Green New Deal isn't coming for your hamburgers, but ranchers are coming out for the Green New Deal.

A coalition representing 10,000 farmers and ranchers signed an open letter to Congress endorsing the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-sponsored industrial proposal.


Twitter Web App : Many arguing about what housing twitter faction the Bernie Sanders plan is aligned with. I am mostly interested in winning the #HomesGuarantee he says we need, including millions of social homes, universal rent control, and ambitious fair housing reforms - but for the record:

Twitter Web App : "expanding the supply of homeless shelters shifts the demand for homes inward and increases homelessness"

folks I think it's time to cancel culture economics


Tumblr : The Brutalism Post, Part 2: What Brutalism is Not - Why open a series about Brutalism by discussing what is not Brutalism? The answer is simple: of all of the terms in the history of architecture, Brutalism is perhaps the most misused and... tmblr.co/ZMSKHg2kw7Ow-

Twitter Web App : cultural impact

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beach house melatonin

Twitter Web App : I wrote about Bernie's plan to alleviate senior loneliness. This was hard to research, it made me so sad. I'm glad Bernie's treating senior isolation like a public health issue and a political problem and proposing political solutions jacobinmag.com/2019/09/senior…

Twitter Web App : nice sydney opera house you got here. would be a shame it if were to become the the sydney Gamer house...