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kate wagner, plant möther

Bio architecture & cultural critic. I made McMansionHell.com. columnist at @Curbed, @TheBafflerMag, @newrepublic. I tweet about my plants a lot. 🌈🍞🌹
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Android : me realizing that lots of people, especially those from wealthy families, are socialized to believe that whats most important in life is being seen as the smartest, most reasonable person in any given room and that living this way must be truly miserable and pitiable

Android : [showing my friend my phone]

me: this is a device that lets you access joy, happiness, inspiration, basically any emotion you want

friend: cool so what do you use it for

me: sad

Android : It's wild how much articles like this miss the point. I was a corp. lawyer precisely bc of my student debt -- not bc my family is rich, but bc it was the only way to get out of debt & pursue writing. Real freedom requires debt freedom. #CancelStudentDebt tinyurl.com/yxn3qs27