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iPhone : Our joint statement with the3million on the European Parliament Brexit Resolution on #citizensrights:

A resolution but no solution. The time for warm words is long over.

Read the full statement here:…


Twitter Web App : Congratulations to Laura KΓΆvesi with her appointment as European Public Prosecutor!πŸ‘Not only the best person for the job but also an important signal to the Romanian gov’t: you shouldn’t have fired her. These kind of dubious decisions will backfire. #EPPO…

iPhone : There’s a lot of bad things going on in the world but Brian Cox teaching Hamlets Soliloquy to a toddler will make everything better, I promise.

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iPhone : Wrong. The tweet is factually correct - Parliament did not give the decision to the people. This is a matter of law. The fact that HMG made an assurance β€˜to the public’ is nothing to the point. HMG is not Parliament and does not make the law.…

iPhone : It is odd that two of the Queen’s most recent Conservative prime ministers- David Cameron and Boris Johnson- have done more to risk the Queen’s neutrality than the rest of her heads of government all together and appear to do so without much thought to her position.

iPhone : Totally this.

Also this is going to have major implications for the General Election campaign to come. Johnson is going to have to be kept away from everyone, more or less all the time.…

iPhone : Re hospital fiasco. As a civil servant who worked on countless media operations & visits for controversial senior politicians, there is something unique about the willingness of people (not just activists) to confront this PM in public (thread)...