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iPhone : When someone says, “How did you know she had [rare diagnosis]?”

I confess I didn’t KNOW it. I only recognized that it was at least a little more likely she had [rare diagnosis] than [common diagnosis].

Playing the odds, as they say.

iPhone : Good guessing is using every last speck of objective data and internal feeling to bias you towards or away from the correct diagnosis.

iPhone : If you have a good model of Nature and Her Ways in your head, you can predict what she will do next.

That’s guessing.

And that’s good medicine.

iPhone : You can tell if someone is bad at guessing because
- they are afraid of being wrong
- they don’t like people guessing different than them
- they put any emotional investment into the results of their guesses

iPhone : If you don’t like the idea of trained professionals “guessing,” then substitute to words “predicting the results of tests and outcomes of events that are currently unknown but that will eventually be clear.

iPhone : But there they are. Being right when other people are wrong. Try listening next time. They might not get it every time but they tend to beat the odds.