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iPhone : Well, since Saturdays and Wednesdays are no different anymore, why NOT spend tonight with today’s White House EO on foreign 🌍investment in telecom? 🛰📲💻⚖️| The White House…

iPhone : A newborn baby is seen in a hospital wearing a protective face shield during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Bangkok, Thailand, April 2, 2020. Handout via REUTERS

iPhone : Afternoon project with my son making 😷. It is “sew” hard to do by hand 🤣but fun and passes the time@with a kid who is “next level bored”.

iPhone : Podcast up. Tech and state AGs. My partner Peter worked for NY AG and Senate. He and I discuss tech and state law enforcement. Listen here.…

iPhone : A special food night. Artisan fruits de mer, with a bespoke breaded crust, accompanied by a piquant tomato and horseradish sauce. Prepared over thirty minutes at a high heat. Pairs well with a fruit forward pinot grigio. #stopwithallthefoodieposts

iPhone : getting ready to hop on a video conference and out of habit spritzed perfume on. Realized how dumb-but also how aspirational/normal-that was.

I miss real people!

iPhone : Talking my sweet parents through webex and zoom options on iPad, Samsung device and home computer. I ❤️ tech but older folks can be exhausting. 🤪A whole new 🌍 for them!

iPhone : Tfw you are about to record an amazing #podcast on tech & state AG activity and your neighbor’s construction crew shows up to jackhammer. 🤫

iPhone : I gotta say, we have been super impressed with the hard work of The FCC staff to try to keep things moving. While expediting items for #Covid response they also continuing to tackle #robocalling mandates, transactions, and myriad other issues…

iPhone : ❤️ senior Goverment officials walking the walk. Just like our team, dealing with all the crazy. This is hard but so important.…

iPhone : Something to look forward to in September.....but prep should state sooner. FTC to Examine Data Portability Pros and Cons — Wiley Connect ⁦WileyConnect⁩ ⁦Wiley⁩ #FTC #privacy…