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TweetDeck : “They pulled skin near my private parts with a plier. Once my entire body was bruised they rubbed salt into the wounds. These mountains are witness to my ordeal. They have heard my cries”

blood-curdling torture details given to ⁦hilal mir⁩ trtworld.com/article/29879

TweetDeck : Can someone recommend a good non-judgemental psychiatrist in Karachi? My friend is going through a really rough patch and she needs it. RTs will be appreciated.

TweetDeck : "No matter what we do, and we can walk out of that courtroom with a not guilty and walk him out onto those courtroom steps, and he never gets to be Harvey Weinstein ever again." pic.twitter.com/WxzKo4eG31

TweetDeck : If the utter helplessness of that woman holding her son witnessing him take his last breath doesn’t call for a suo moto by Supreme Court, then shut the courts and wrap the justice system. This isn’t negligence or incompetence,this is murder. twitter.com/blasphemousfx/…

TweetDeck : there is a potential someone but cannot focus on the potential bec zindagi mein bohat maslay hein but zindagi ke maslay would get easier with someone around but cannot have someone around bec zindagi mein bohat maslay hein u feel me??????

Android : Saying “I’m single”
-makes everyone uncomfortable

Saying “I have not met someone consistently worthy of my pussy”
-power move
-conveys self esteem
-confirms you fuck

TweetDeck : Thank you MangoBaaz for sharing my tweets without consent on Instagram that has a totally different audience. Love waking up to so many abuses and messages from angry Lahoris who refuse to get out of their bubble.
Let me name and shame them now.